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Unleash your own radiance and shine with the camera from the “rookie” realme 9

Tuesday, May 10, 2022 18:00 PM (GMT+7)

Sharing and creating content in the form of short videos is gradually becoming an indispensable part for many Gen Z. So how much will the realme 9 assistant with a real upgrade on the camera sensor help content creators?

No need for in-depth knowledge of image editing because the 108MP camera is the best in realme 9’s price range to “balance” all lighting conditions.

A summer of travel with excursions is closer, the young people have a high demand to record and share memories through “stretch” images and creative short videos. In this “shimmering” photo, the smartphone’s camera must be able to capture good light and return beautiful images. With support from Samsung ISOCELL . sensor HM6 The latest, the realme 9’s 108MP main camera offers “flattering” image quality when combining 9 pixels into 1, pushing the maximum brightness of HM6 improved up to 1.6 times even in dark environment. Thus, even if the close friends go to work in the evening, watch the sea at night, or eat late at night under the street lights, the photos will still retain their sharpness, fresh colors and good noise reduction, ready for you to post stories. instant check-in.

Unleash your own radiance and shine with the camera from the

Night mode on realme 9 helps “capture” vivid moments like you are experiencing them directly

As for young freelance content creators, you always need to follow random shooting schedules to keep up with the surrounding deadlines. Unusual situations such as shooting outdoors on a cloudy day, or having to take photos of products but lack of lighting equipment can disrupt the progress and quality of work. Helping to quickly “goodbye” to these worries, realme 9’s camera still supports shooting in low light conditions and helps capture moments up to 9 times faster.

Unleash your own radiance and shine with the camera from the

Images taken with realme 9 for “stretch” quality, fresh image colors and clear image water

Street Photography 2.0: your own filters, optimize photography with a personal touch

Another “specialty” of Realme’s Number Series is the photo filters contributed and created by the realme user community. With rookie realme 9, the company continues to please fans with Street Photography 2.0 mode and a series of retro 90s Pop filters.

Unleash your own radiance and shine with the camera from realme 9 - 3

The classic film tones on realme 9 breathe new life into your #OOTD fashion photo

If you regularly review a series of popular content on social networks like TikTok or Instagram, you will easily encounter cover dances on trending music, shopping videos (Shopping Haul), food review series. street, check-in cafe with impressive taste or style videos of “the city where I live” that are both familiar and unique… then realme 9 will be your assistant to unleash your creativity with many modes. suitable for content: 108MP mode, Night mode, Panorama, Expert, Portrait, HDR, Wide angle, Bokeh effect, Street shot, etc.

Unleash your own radiance and shine with the camera from realme 9 - 4

The camera modes on realme 9 will help you unleash your creativity

Sometimes even a trending video is simply a user sitting down and telling an interesting story with the front camera. At this point, the most important requirement is that the selfie camera must be bright and beautiful enough, with enough beauty selfie support options to make you more confident without spending another 30 minutes on makeup or makeup. In this regard, the realme 9’s 16MP camera responds extremely well, the image is not too virtual and the quality is not jerky.

With a super soft price of 6,690,000 VND for a capacity of 8 + 128GB, it is no exaggeration to say that realme 9 is a reasonable choice for the work and entertainment needs of the colorful Gen Z generation. Feel free to be creative, snap the moment and get to the “top of trend” already this rookie’s camera expert “weighs everything”.

Unleash your own radiance and shine with the camera from realme 9 - 5

May is the perfect time to own a powerful smartphone camera from realme 9

Launching a great deal right at the launch, from May 14 to May 20, customers who buy realme 9 8+128GB version will receive a direct discount of 300,000 VND and a free Teikin speaker worth 1,290,000 VND, preferential interest installment payment Exclusive 0% interest when buying at Mobile World. Accompanying the new realme 9, realme Buds Q2s smart headphones for VND 690,000 will also receive an instant discount of VND 100,000 when purchased at Shopee Mall and LazMall from May 14, 2022 to May 17, 2022.

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