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Unusual ways to spend winnings

Without splurging on supercars, real estate or going on vacation, many jackpot winners have strange ways of spending their money.

Ghost hunting

Last week, Laura Hoyle and Kirk Stevens, of Nottingham (UK) hit the jackpot. They will receive 10,000 pounds (282 million) per month, for 30 years.

Quitting work as soon as they won the lottery, the couple started attending ghost hunting trips (exploring, exploring supposedly haunted places) and sharing the experience on social media.

But Laura and Kirk aren’t the only ones using their lottery winnings to do something out of the ordinary.

The couple used the winnings to go on a ghost hunt.

The couple used the winnings to “hunt ghosts”.

Distributing half of the jackpot to strangers

The £115m jackpot won’t just change the lives of its winners, it also supports those around them. That’s why Frances and Patrick Connolly decided to split more than half of their money among 175 people.

Upon learning of the 2020 lottery win, the couple celebrated with a cup of warm tea in their rented home in Moira, County Down. They then gave half of the money to 50 friends, family members and more than 100 other unknown people.

“It’s love worth £60m,” Frances said. “I get more pleasure from changing my life than buying jewelry, or luxuries.”

With the rest, Connolly bought a five-bedroom house worth £1.9 million; a used Jag for £2,000 and a trip to New Zealand in business class.

Plastic surgery for sisters

Sarah Cockings, of Whitley Bay, Tyne County, won £3 million in April 2005, aged 21. Owning a huge fortune, but she claims to “have a normal life”. In 2019, Cockings revealed that she used the winnings to give her family members breast augmentation.

Years after winning the lottery, Cockings quit her job as a social worker and pursued a career in modeling. “So far, I have no regrets. I always cherish every minute,” she said.

Lottery winner Sarah (left) paid her two sisters, Emma (right) and Alex, for breast augmentation.  Photo: Press Association

Lottery winner Sarah (left) paid her two sisters, Emma (right) and Alex, to have breast augmentation. Image: Press Association

Buy fertilizer

As soon as they won the £30,000 lottery, Bob Atkinson and his wife Margaret spent £1,000 on spring fertilizer.

“It’s one of the first things we need to buy,” said the 77-year-old.

Become a professional pig breeder

Hairdresser Susan Hardman traded her rich and glamorous life to become a pig farmer, despite winning £1.2 million in 2010. As soon as she won the lottery, she turned on the fireplace to celebrate and know. “I never get cold again”.

But Susan decided to become a pig farmer, instead of living in luxury. Sharing in 2015, she said she was satisfied with the modern life, although many friends thought she was crazy.

After winning the lottery in 2015, Susan Hardman decided to give up her haircut to raise pigs.

After winning the lottery in 2015, Susan Hardman decided to give up her haircut to raise pigs.

Share £12.4 million with friends and family

Nigel and Sharon Mather, of Trafford, Greater Manchester won EuroMillions in 2010. The couple kept their £12.4 million jackpot a secret before splitting the cash with 30 friends, family and more. .

“I’m not bragging. It’s about helping loved ones have better lives,” Sharon said.

Support hospitals, charities

Former hospital worker Barbara Wragg and her husband Ray, of Sheffield, won £7.6m in 2000. The couple have given away £5.5m to friends, family, and friends. charities and cancer hospitals. “That’s too much for two if not shared,” Wragg said.

After donating, the couple used the remaining money to go on 29 trips around the world.

In May 2018, Mrs. Barbara died at the age of 77. At that time, hundreds of people attended her funeral. Until now, Mrs. Barbara is known by the nickname “Lotto Angel”.

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