US plans to fight illegal fishing in the Pacific

“One of the biggest challenges in the Pacific is illegal fishing. We believe that over the next few weeks, through our various organizations, we will be unveiling a range of capabilities to improve. maritime awareness”US Indo-Pacific coordinator Kurt Campbell said when asked about the growing cooperation between China and the Solomon Islands – a long-standing traditional US partner in the region.

According to Mr. Campbell, the US is considering the possibility of continuing to track when ships turn off their electronic identification devices. He added that many countries are strengthening the field of patrol boats and training.

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US plans to fight illegal fishing in the Pacific. (Artwork: Xinhua News Agency)

Mr. Campbell’s announcement came ahead of President Biden’s visits to South Korea and Japan. During the visit, Mr. Biden will meet with leaders of the remaining members of the QUAD group including Australia, India and Japan.

Recently, QUAD has been stepping up cooperation in the context of China’s increasing influence.

According to ReutersSome countries in the Indo-Pacific region often come into conflict with China’s huge fishing fleet. These countries accuse the Chinese fishing fleet of violating their exclusive economic zones, causing environmental as well as economic damage.

Despite the accusations, China says it is a responsible fishing country that has always made international cooperation efforts to prevent illegal fishing. Beijing insists its fishing boats only fish in the relevant exclusive economic zones under bilateral agreements.

According to the US Coast Guard, illegal fishing has overtaken piracy as the number one global maritime security threat and threatens to increase tensions between countries competing for endangered fish stocks. overexploitation.

The force also called on China to be more responsible in managing fishing boats.

Last month, a group of US officials led by Mr Campbell arrived in the Solomon Islands after Beijing announced the signing of a security treaty with the Pacific island nation.

The White House later expressed concern about China’s ability to “establish a permanent military presence” in the archipelago.

Mr. Campbell emphasized that Washington and its allies share a common interest in the Pacific region in the face of China’s growing ambitions.

“It is essential to increase coordination, participation, information sharing. This is not only the US, Australia, New Zealand, but also allies Japan, South Korea, the EU.” he affirmed.

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