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What did you see at first sight?

Which image do you see first in the picture below?

A: Leaves

B: Butterfly

C: Eyes

D: Roots

Psychological test: What did you see at first sight?  - first

Read what that choice says about you:


You are a kind person, always gentle and gentle in your dealings with people. You are polite, kind and caring. You know how to put yourself in other people’s shoes to think and be empathetic. You are always enthusiastic about friends, value affection and will never do anything to sell friends.

However, you often do not have your own opinion, easily listen to the opinions of others and make them think that you are a bully. Helping and being kind to others is a good thing, but you need to have your own principles if you don’t want your kindness to be taken advantage of.


You are sentimental and quite erratic in thought and action. It seems that you are always immersed in flying thoughts. You are easily adaptable to your surroundings and are someone who likes to rely on others.

Because of that, you are very easily changed by others. You can easily click your tongue at someone and regret it later. Remember that this life relying on yourself is the most stable. Only by facing difficulties and constantly striving to improve ourselves, will life get better and better.


You are a gentle, simple, good-natured, unscrupulous person who trusts people easily. You are kind to everyone, are not defensive at all and never doubt others.

However, this world is more colorful than you imagine. Not everyone is really what they appear to be, and even revenge is not uncommon. So don’t let someone take your kindness for granted, give them a chance to hurt you.


You are a quiet person, quite introverted. It can be said that you are a natural workaholic, working like a hard-working bee.

However, you lack social skills and often have trouble fitting in. You are not skillful in your behavior, sometimes you know that you are misunderstood by others but also do not know how to solve it. It can be said that you lack sublimation and burning moments with passion in life.

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