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What should you pay attention to when choosing a desk plant?

Choose a tree with a compact size

Trees The desk should be compact in size. Trees that are too big and bulky can cause entanglement, affecting your working process. In addition, the small ornamental plants help you feel more relaxed and comfortable every time you look at them.

Choose plants with the ability to purify the air

You should choose ornamental plants with good air purification ability to place on the desk. The fresh air in the workplace will help your body feel more comfortable and healthy.

Choose a tree of destiny

This is also a criterion that you need to pay attention to when choosing bonsai for your desk. The element of destiny and the five elements plays an extremely important role in Feng Shui. According to the concept of feng shui, if you plant a tree of destiny, they will bring a lot of luck, helping your life, work, and career always be favorable and smooth.

Note the placement of bonsai on the desk

You should not put bonsai right in the center of the desk, instead display it in the corners of the table. If your desk is near a window, place potted plants on the countertop near the window so they can photosynthesize better.

Some feng shui plants are suitable for placing on the desk

Money tree

According to the concept of feng shui, money money is a tree of wealth, prosperity, so it is often placed at the desk with the desire to have many advantages in work and life. business.

You can also place a coin tree at your desk. This plant is considered to be another version of the money tree. The leaves are round like coins, symbolizing abundance, abundance and prosperity.


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This plant is also known as the braided plant or the braided tree, which means gold coins. Therefore, many people put honeysuckle on the desk, tea table in the living room with the desire to attract a lot of fortune and luck. Feng shui people highly appreciate this plant in attracting money and business opportunities for the owner.

Lucky tree

The fortune tree (also known as the fortune-telling bamboo, the phuc tu tree) belongs to the Blood Armor genus, which is considered a good omen in feng shui, symbolizing wealth and fertility.

The tree-players believe that fortune-telling has many hollows, many lush buds, symbolizing the circulation of money, sublimation and creativity in work. Placing the fortune plant in the corner of the desk will help attract positive energy.

Little brooch areca tree

The small brocade isca tree has a rounded stem with a rounded edge, and the leaves rise straight up, symbolizing convenience and advancement. Feng shui experts believe that placing this plant at the desk will support the development of work, bringing a lot of luck.

Queen’s betel nut tree

This type of tree is placed at the desk by many people with the desire for a favorable and sustainable career, continuous advancement. The presence of this plant also creates a feeling of comfort and relaxation for everyone when working in the room.

Orchid tree

Orchid is a very good air-purifying plant, suitable for placing in the working corner. Not only bringing an airy space, effectively relieving stress, the orchid plant in feng shui concept also has the ability to balance the mind and body, helping the owner to build a good relationship with colleagues. , partners and superiors.

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In terms of feng shui, orchids both bring high aesthetic effects and bring harmonious and positive energy. This plant has the ability to promote relationships at work, expand career development opportunities for owners through cooperation.

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