What time of day is best to eat apples?

On average, the calorie content of each apple depends on the type of apple: green apple, ripe apple, red apple, peeled or peeled apple. Not only calories, apples also contain a lot of fiber, vitamin C, minerals, antioxidants.

So what time of day should you eat apples? The answer is to eat apples in the morning because this fruit is easy to digest and absorb, and is a laxative. After a long night, the ‘sleeping’ digestive functions need to be reactivated. Fruits such as apples, pears, grapes… if eaten in the morning will be suitable because the amount of acid in these fruits is not too strong and not too acrid.

According to analysis, 1 green apple with the skin on will contain about 80 calories, and if peeled, they only have 63 calories. Similar to green apples, 1 red apple with the skin on contains about 100 calories and if peeled, the calories are about 80. Thanks to their high calorie content, red apples are often recommended for people on a reduced diet. weigh.

What time of day is best to eat apples?  - first

Apples are very good for health. (Photo: Vinmec)

The benefits of eating apples regularly

Good for heart

Thanks to the large content of soluble fiber, eating apples has the effect of lowering blood cholesterol levels, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular problems. Also in each apple contains the antioxidant flavonoid epicatechin, which reduces blood pressure and reduces the risk of stroke

Help lose weight

For those who are in a weight loss regime, this is an option not to be missed. Apples contain a lot of nutrients, fiber and vitamins but are low in calories, so when you eat them directly or drink apple juice, you will feel anxious for a long time, reducing your appetite.

Prevent colon cancer

Pectin compound in each apple helps nourish microorganisms in the intestines thereby promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria, supporting the digestive process, reducing the risk of intestinal diseases, which are common. especially colorectal cancer.

Reduce Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel, which is a condition in which the large intestine contracts too much, causing bloating, diarrhea, constipation, poor absorption, .. In particular, apples are effective in regulating bowel movements, limiting bowel movements. Constipation, thereby helping the condition health better improved.

What to note when eating apples?

People with stomach disease should not eat a lot of apples, because the high content of vitamins C and P will make the disease worse.

– Every day should only eat 1-2 apples is best. Eating too many apples even causes weight gain.

– Should choose to eat fresh apples to ensure value nutrition best for health.

– Apple is a fruit that is often evaluated as having a high content of pesticides, so you should buy apples at reputable, quality places and can peel them before using.

– When eating apples should remove seeds, because in some cases apple seeds can be harmful to health.

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