When businesses break through the AI ​​payment reminder process

Reminder of payment schedule – The “hard to express” feelings of businesses

The task of collecting loans and debts of enterprises before now belongs to the finance – accounting sector. For small and medium businesses, this part of the work, although time consuming, can still be guaranteed. However, for businesses in personal finance, banking, or companies in the service sector that have a large number of customers and need to make periodic payments such as insurance, electricity, water, telecommunications, etc., this is a process. “giant” task processes need a whole force of personnel to monitor.

Credit growth in Vietnam will reach 14% in 2021, but notably, the bad debt ratio will reach 8.2%*. This poses a significant challenge for financial businesses in terms of payment reminders and loan recovery. Currently, businesses use two forms of payment reminders: manual and automatic. Manual scheduling requires a large staff to monitor and supervise, consumes resources of the business, and lacks initiative when the number of loans to be recovered increases or decreases cyclically. Automatic scheduling reminders via email, messages are not optimal, leading to low on-time loan recovery rate, high bad debt ratio, affecting the cash flow of businesses. Inefficient payment reminders also affect the customer experience when service is interrupted, and penalties for late payment arise.

It seems that this is a simple job, but for businesses with large fluctuations in monthly cash flow such as banks, financial institutions, whether or not the loan recovery is effective or not directly affects the cash flow and short-term financial position. In that context, the option of reminding payment schedules with the help of AI (artificial intelligence) has become the leading advanced solution today, helping businesses to free employees from this repetitive task, and at the same time improve the efficiency of loan recovery, creating a pleasant experience for customers when being “reminded for debt”. FPT.AI – the leading artificial intelligence platform under FPT Smart Cloud is a pioneer who is currently researching and providing this solution to large enterprises in the financial sector.

AI virtual assistant – Outstandingly effective solution for scheduling and loan recovery

Different from existing methods, FPT.AI virtual assistant can “play” the role of a real human employee to remind the payment schedule to each customer, with personalized information such as name, age, information loan application, amount to be paid in a month,…. The loan recovery process is built with many flexible scenarios for groups with near-due payments, overdue groups, and long-overdue groups. day. The AI ​​virtual assistant’s inference system can analyze each group’s ability to repay on time through answers and intonation when interacting with customers, making a forecast of the recovered cash flow for businesses. Karma.

One of the leading personal finance groups in Vietnam today has successfully applied FPT.AI Virtual Assistant to the payment reminder process, bringing outstanding results. The virtual assistant is capable of successfully connecting up to 2.5 million calls/month, with pre-collection performance comparable to real human employees, saving up to 60% of operating costs. Another financial enterprise experiencing similar pressure in the debt collection process for loans and credit cards has applied AI virtual assistants, and achieved an early debt collection rate of up to 52%, making daily payments. million successful calls per month. These are very impressive results that FPT.AI Virtual Assistant brings to businesses.

A payment reminder conversation made by the AI ​​Virtual Assistant

Applying today’s leading advanced AI technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), speech recognition and synthesis, conversation management, FPT.AI virtual assistant has the ability to interact like real people with customers, create a good experience and elevate the brand’s status. The solution is integrated multi-channel, multi-platform into the switchboard system, website, phone application, etc. to help businesses reach customers quickly and conveniently. It is predicted that in the future, this will be a technology that brings breakthroughs in performance, helping businesses grow sustainably in the digital era.

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