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Which places in Hanoi does the 7th electric bus line of VinBus pass?

Vinbus Ecological Service Co., Ltd (service provider) said that electric buses apply the general fare of city bus routes, one-way tickets are from 7,000 – 9,000 VND, monthly tickets from 55,000 – 200,000 VND ; free for the elderly, people with meritorious services, people with disabilities, children under 6 years old, people from poor households…

Hanoi: What places does the 7th electric bus line of VinBus go through?  - Photo 1.

Up to now, Hanoi has 7 electric bus routes. Photo: VB

People in the capital have experienced the form of an electronic ticket on electric buses. At the same time, when buying tickets directly on VinBus electric buses, passengers can choose to use contactless domestic chip cards from banks.

Specifically, the E08 Electric Bus route, Inter-agency Area of ​​Hanoi Departments – Time City Urban Area, runs with the route: Inter-agency Area of ​​Hanoi Department of Industry – Vo Chi Cong – Hoang Minh Thao – Xuan Tao – Nguyen Van Huyen – Nguyen Khanh Toan – Dao Tan – Kim Ma – Nguyen Thai Hoc – Ton Duc Thang – Xa Dan – Dao Duy Anh – Giai Phong – Dai La – Minh Khai – Times City.

With cWalk through the endpoints of the Inter-agency Area of ​​Hanoi Departments (Lac Long Quan Flower Garden) – Hanoi Heart Hospital Campus 2 – Tay Ho District Culture, Information and Sports Center – Adjacent Lot 25 Areas Diplomatic Corps (Hoang Minh Thao) – Opposite VNPT Telecommunications Service Corporation – Nghia Do Park – Hanoi Capital University – Dich Vong Bridge – Thu Le Park – Van Bao Crossroads (Diplomatic Area) Union) – Opposite Kim Ma Ward People’s Committee – PTA Building No. 1 Kim Ma – Hang Day Stadium – Temple of Literature – Hang Bot Church (Van Lang High School) – People’s Committee of Dong Da District – Alley Xa Dan 2 – Military Broadcasting Center – Opposite Trung Tu Pagoda – Kim Lien Hotel – Hanoi University of Science and Technology – Bach Mai Hospital – 197 Dai La – 32 Minh Khai – 220 Minh Khai – 308 Minh Khai – Mai Dong Bridge – Times City (478 Minh Khai).

Hanoi: What places does the 7th electric bus line of VinBus go through?  - Photo 2.

The route of the 7th electric bus route passes through many locations in the central district. Photo: VB

In the afternoon, go through the areas opposite VinMec Hospital – Hoa Binh Green City Building – Opposite Times City – Opposite University of Economics and Technology Industry (Mai Dong Bridge) – 199 Minh Khai – 141 Minh Khai – Market Mo – 66 Dai La – Bach Mai Hospital – Hanoi University of Science and Technology – Trung Tu Pagoda – Opposite Military Broadcasting Center – 5 O Cho Dua Crossroad – Dong Da District People’s Committee – Opposite House Hang Bo Temple – Temple of Literature – Saint Paul Hospital – Kim Ma Bus Station – Kim Ma Ward People’s Committee – Diplomatic Corps Area – State Archives – Dich Vong Bridge – Hanoi Capital University – Park Nghia Do – Crossing the road to Defense Academy Apartment – Opposite Adjacent 25 Diplomatic Corps Area – Alley 210B Vo Chi Cong – 246 Vo Chi Cong – Inter-agency area Hanoi Departments – End point Inter-agency area Hanoi branch – Lac Long Quan flower garden.

Leaders of Hanoi City evaluated electric bus routes with many advanced technology applications, modern civilized electronic systems, and a new development step of the Capital’s bus network. This is also an important political task of the city and a bright spot of the Capital’s urban traffic in 2021, creating a new turning point in the process of building a green transport system.

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