3 actions to take immediately to protect life on earth

Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh emphasized that the ocean is facing very serious risks due to the impact of climate change, sea level rise, resource exploitation, marine environmental pollution and other risks. .

In fact, over the years, these risks are evolving faster and more unpredictably. If we do not take decisive and strong action in time to better protect the oceans, many islands and coastal areas and natural ecosystems on the planet will disappear by 2100 due to sea level rise. offer. This is a huge challenge for many countries and peoples.

So develop economy Sustainable oceans and climate change adaptation are imperatives for all of us, embodying the common concerns of humanity and can only be achieved on the basis of global cooperation, solidarity, respect for rights and interests of each country, in accordance with the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

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The international conference on marine economy and climate change adaptation will offer many solutions to protect life on earth.

The Deputy Prime Minister suggested that all interested people join hands to act for humanity as well as life on Earth with 3 specific actions.

Firstly, all countries need to commit strongly and take more drastic and effective measures to demonstrate their responsibility for the sustainable development of the ocean economy. This is not only a responsibility for the survival of the population of each country, but also a responsibility for the survival of the marine ecosystem, of nature, which holds the key to prosperity. prosperity of mankind on Earth.

Second, marine pollution and ocean plastic waste are urgent global problems. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a global system to monitor, share data, and provide a scientific basis for ocean plastic waste from the national, regional and worldwide scale; overcome challenges in efforts to tackle ocean plastic pollution on a global scale in the coming period.

Third, sustainable management of resources and activities at sea such as aquaculture, fishing, shipping, marine and coastal tourism, and ocean-based energy development must be based on public blue sea technology, advanced and modern, especially the cooperation and mutual support of the international community. Developed countries should be responsible for financial support, management experience and technology transfer. Developing countries need to strive to soon master blue sea science and technology and approach management so that we can go to the sea together with an equal mind, together to solve global problems of the sea. sea ​​and ocean.

Speaking at the conference, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, Mr. Le Minh Ngan also emphasized that protecting the health of the oceans is a sustainable guarantee for solving problems of economic growth and prosperity. social, food security, livelihoods and employment in many countries, especially for vulnerable countries such as small island developing countries, low coastal countries.

“To protect the oceans and the Earth for generations today and to come, we need to unite in awareness and action to properly identify risks, transform serious challenges into development opportunities. new development, promptly overcome the defects in previous development models”, Deputy Minister emphasized.

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