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5 things she likes the most when she’s close

No hurry

This is something men don’t notice. They know the rules but they just can’t help it. Spend more time foreplay. Delay intercourse and enjoy foreplay, she will feel more aroused and enjoy more intense sex. By prolonging foreplay, you’ll give your mind and penis time to prepare and won’t be “broken” in the middle.

Emotional connection

To enjoy sex better, women need to feel a close, intimate connection with the person they share a bed with. But that doesn’t make one-night stands any less appealing. But when you’re in a relationship and you’re both having sex, you need to focus on making her feel loved and close to you.

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Give her all her attention

For guys, there are only two body parts of a girl that occupy their attention in bed. But if you really want your woman to have a wild time in bed, don’t isolate yourself to just one or two places on her body. Focus on all of her until you hear her voice change, you’re right, and you’re just getting into it more passionately.

Express your desire

One of the things a woman craves most in bed is to receive a burning gaze, as if she wants to “eat you alive”.

Therefore, let her know your enjoyment and excitement in each “love” because that will make her more passionate and willing to “love” you. The feelings of the two are also more sublimated through that.

Attention later love

Women need a kiss on the forehead, a sweet gesture, a caring and affectionate look after each “love” so that they don’t have to feel sorry for having “got into bed” with their partner.

So, instead of falling asleep right away, take some time to show her interest, satisfaction, and concern.

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