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5 words not to say for a happier life

When it comes to benevolence, living with virtue, ordinary people think that raising money, giving gifts, being good people, doing good deeds… But there is one thing that is often forgotten, which is that saying good words will bring good luck. lucky.

In life, there are people who are not naturally successful, it is a process of trying, and of course, it is necessary to know how to treat people, say good words, and do many good deeds. Some people do almost nothing maliciously, do not make mistakes, but life is very difficult, everything does not go smoothly. The main reason is that they often say bad words.

Therefore, if you want to do anything smoothly, you must control your words. Accordingly, people should not say the following 5 words if they want to live a happy and fulfilling life:

1. Speak harshly

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Excessively harsh words, unreasonable requests, making it difficult for others to accept, feeling pressured, thereby arising aversion, a relationship lacking humanity.

A person who keeps using this kind of words to treat people like that will not only make things difficult, but relationships will also gradually drift away.

People who like to say harsh words are hard to hear, life will be difficult on all sides. A successful career requires the efforts of many people, the whole team to complete together. If you just like being alone, don’t need relationships, it’s considered a dark and faded future.

2. Obscene speech

A person’s cultural qualities are judged based on how they speak. Some people talk very vaguely, say whatever they want to say, and like to joke around.

Using profanity and swearing not only destroys your personal style, but also destroys your personal image. However, many people are not aware of this, speak without stopping and think that saying those words is glorious and proud (especially words with bad connotations but are popularized on social networks). festival).

Even many people think that these words can be amusing and humorous. However, in the eyes of the other party, the impression of you has deteriorated a lot.

3. Lies

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Lying is one of the “five precepts” of Buddhism. A monk must not lie. All must be based on facts as evidence, be sincere as people, and act sincerely. This is the basic style and attitude we should have.

If a person can’t honestly keep his faith, words can’t come out of his mouth. Or because to accomplish their own goals, they deliberately use malicious deception tricks, fabricate myths to convince others, and fascinate people. Just for a little bit of his own benefit that harms the great interests of others. This act of harming the profiteer causes the petty man to lose his available happiness, destroying happiness.

4. Saying maliciously

People living in the world should have moral limits and standard speech. At the same time, whatever you do, you should think about the feelings and interests of others.

There is a saying: “A good word warms the body for three winters; a cynical word keeps the body cold for six months”. Knowing how to communicate, saying nice words or ideas is also showing respect and tenderness to the other party. You also receive the respect you deserve.

Words spoken, whether unintentionally or intentionally, maliciously speaking to hurt others, the party that suffers the most is herself. But this kind of bitterness is an invisible hurt, affects the spirit, destroys the future.

5. Say two words

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Words are far from reality, causing both sides to misunderstand, conflict and conflict arise. But the person who said these words just stood to one side to see the consequences he had caused and laughed, the fisherman benefited.

This type of person can only receive hate, corrupt virtues, of course serious retribution awaits.

If you already have this habit of saying bad words, try to turn your head to the shore, change the direction of goodness to accumulate virtue and happiness.

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