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6 candidates under 30 years old of Young Technology Leaders Voting

Nearly half of the candidates who passed the preliminary round of the 2022 Young Technology Leaders Voting program were 9x, including faces under 30 years old.

The 6 youngest candidates of the Young Technology Leaders Voting

Le Trung Hieu (1993) was the Director of FPT.eContract – the first system to digitize the contract management process in Vietnam. During Covid-19, the solution helps businesses overcome difficulties when they cannot sign contracts directly and ensure continuous operation. Hieu is one of 13 typical FPT faces under the age of 35 in the Technology field in 2021.

6 youngest candidates of Young Technology Leader Voting - 1

In parallel with the role of Chief Technology Officer at GameFi.org, Duong Thanh Hai (1993) is also a senior manager, technology consultant at Icetea Labs, a company specializing in incubating metaverse and gaming projects in Asia. Prior to that, he was a co-founder and Chief Development Officer at CyRadar, a company that provides solutions to detect cyberthreats. CyRadar Internet Shield web security solution, directly involved in research and development by Hai, was awarded the third prize at the Viet Solutions 2020 contest.

6 youngest candidates of Young Technology Leader Voting - 2

Leading the research and development of security technology at VNetwork, Nguyen Kim Tho (1993) and the board of directors put the company among the 10 outstanding cybersecurity brands in Vietnam. He has more than eight years of experience in monitoring and implementing network security solutions in various fields such as finance, commerce, education, logistics… in Vietnam and many countries around the world.

The 6 youngest candidates of the Young Technology Leaders Voting - 3

After just one year as CTO of Krystal of Kyber Group, Nguyen Viet Dung (1994) helped Krystal attract more than 100,000 monthly users, expand the company’s staff to 50 people, bringing the total transaction volume to 500 million USD. Krystal is a super app that helps users manage their digital assets efficiently. Since he was at school, Dung has achieved high results in programming competitions such as the National Second Prize in Informatics, the Silver Medal of the IOI International Informatics Olympiad, and the second place in the ACM ICPC Bangkok Regional Student Programming Competition. ..

6 youngest candidates of Young Technology Leader Voting - 4

Tran Van Hai (1995) is now a Project Manager at Rikkeisoft. Having received formal training in software engineering, he has accumulated nearly 7 years of experience in developing highly applicable software, projects and technology products that have been applied in practice. Before becoming one of the youngest managers at Rikkeisoft, he spent three years as a project manager at technology and solutions company Simax.

6 youngest candidates of Young Technology Leader Voting - 5

Pham Hoang Thu Uyen (1997) is the only and youngest female candidate in the voting round. She is the CEO and co-founder of MetaBlockX, as well as the co-founder and CMO of the investment fund KTS Capital. Uyen started working in finance and technology at the age of 19 with modest positions in projects. Uyen said that she has continuously learned and upgraded her vision in the blockchain field and has been directly involved in building marketing teams for many blockchain projects and large organizations such as FPT, Icetea Labs…

After more than a month of receiving applications, the program organizers Vote for young technology leaders in 2022 preliminary and selected 30 typical profiles to the round of voting, taking place from 12pm on 5/5 to the end of 19/5.

The results of the Voting round will be based on 30% of the judges’ profile scores and 70% of the readers’ votes. The top 20 candidates with the highest scores will enter the Interview round to select 10 outstanding young technology leaders in 2022.

The list of 10 young technology leaders in 2022 will be announced at the CTO Summit 2022 event, scheduled to take place in mid-June in Ho Chi Minh City.

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