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8 secrets to help couples maintain a passionate love like when they were in love

1. Empathy

Empathy is the ability to imagine yourself in someone else’s shoes and help them by supporting or comforting them, being sad or happy together.

After living together for a few years with someone, you may think you know each other very well. However, this can be an obstacle on the way to developing empathy for each other.

To avoid this mistake, practice your empathy. Try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Close your eyes and consider the person’s character and their situation, try to imagine how they must feel. Forget your opinion on the matter and try to understand your partner’s feelings. This will allow you to show empathy, which is crucial to a happy and healthy relationship.

2. Emotional Intelligence

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It’s important not only to put yourself in the other person’s shoes when they’re having a hard time, but also to be in very heated arguments between the two of you.

Of course, in an argument, very few people have ever said, “You have a right to feel this way, and I understand that.” These words can have a magical effect. Your partner will realize that you understand their feelings and that even though you are upset, you accept their feelings.This awareness leads to a feeling of relief and forgetting about negative feelings about the fight .

3. Attention and politeness

We all tend to underestimate the importance of small acts of politeness and attention. A vicious cycle often emerges in relationships: one party shows that they’re upset, the other does the same, and all of which lead to a serious argument or “cold war.” In this case, attention, such as a bouquet of flowers, a favorite bar of chocolate, a delicious dinner, or a hug, can effectively “reheat” your feelings.

Of course, attention and politeness can’t fix the situation if you’ve hurt someone. But if the situation is not so bad, apply this method.

4. Respect each other when making decisions

Some couples get too used to each other and they begin to treat each other like roommates. And each began to live his own life. In this situation, some people often ignore their spouse’s opinion when making decisions. And this is the worst part because doing this will most likely lead to arguments and breakups.

To avoid this, you should make important decisions with your partner’s opinion in mind. Because these decisions will most likely affect the lives of you and your partner.

5. Don’t speculate

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Do not try to speculate on a situation in your head, this will only make the couple more conflicted. Just ask your spouse directly what you really want to know.

6. Grateful

Tell your partner how grateful you are at every opportunity. You may not believe this, but these words are magical. The other half will feel he or she is useful, necessary to you. And certainly when you say this, your spouse will show the same attitude by saying “thank you” more.

7. Always appreciate what your other half does for you

Every relationship needs boundaries, limits, and responsibilities. And you shouldn’t take everything in a relationship for granted.

To ensure that both partners are satisfied with a relationship, they need to work on it, learn to talk, learn to problem-solve, and compromise. Don’t take your partner’s words or actions for granted: for example, when they say thank you, you take it for granted; they make dinner or prepare your clothes, you take it for granted. Those are all the efforts of the other half and let’s appreciate it.

8. Don’t talk bad behind your back

Never speak ill of your partner behind their back. Even he or she will most likely find out and get upset. The problem is that sooner or later you will probably work it out, but your mother or your friends to whom you have complained will recall the bad words you said.

Be wiser. Discuss the problems in your relationship with your partner, don’t talk about the flaws you both have during a heated argument, but only when you’re calm.

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