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After eating full, you absolutely do not do this if you do not want to have stomach and digestive diseases – Life Health

Thursday, May 12, 2022 08:01 AM (GMT+7)

After eating, we often feel sleepy, but if we sleep right after eating, the food will not be fully digested, even creating conditions for harmful bacteria to attack the stomach and intestines.

If you think that just relying on the quality of a healthy meal will determine your health and energy, it is not enough. In fact, doing things right after a meal also has a significant impact on your health.

Do not sleep immediately after eating

After eating, we often feel sleepy. This is because the amount of blood mobilized is mostly concentrated in the digestive system, so the brain will be significantly reduced. Therefore, the brain and other parts all become sluggish, even unwilling to work.

However, if you are in the habit of eating and sleeping right away, the brain will fall into an inhibited state, followed by a rest of the whole body, including the digestive system. Thus, the food will not be thoroughly digested, even some food left in the digestive system is attacked by harmful bacteria, which will cause stomach and intestinal diseases.

The best time to go to bed after a meal is 2-3 hours for food to digest.

After eating full, you absolutely do not do this if you do not want to have stomach and digestive diseases - 1


Do not exercise vigorously after eating

Exercise is a good thing for health, but if you exercise vigorously right after eating, it is a habit that is harmful to health.

After eating, you exercise vigorously will lead to stomach pain. Because during 1-3 hours, blood will gather in the digestive organs to process food. So instead of exercising after eating, you should just go for a light walk.

Do not eat fruit for dessert

Food after being put into the stomach will take up to 1-2 hours to be fully digested. If during this time, you continue to eat more fruit will increase the burden on the stomach. Besides, fruit contains a large number of acids, sugars, glucose, fructose, starch… this will make the digestive organs work too hard.

Not to mention that if using cold fruit, it will cause a sudden change in stomach temperature, affecting digestion and intestinal motility of the stomach, and can even cause stomach cramps.

Do not shower immediately after eating

In the process of bathing, you will have to scrub, causing blood vessels outside the skin to dilate, blood circulating strongly to the extremities, so the amount of blood in the digestive organs and internal organs will be significantly reduced. This makes the digestive process stagnate, affecting the functioning of the stomach.

Do not drink tea

Many people have the habit of drinking hot tea after eating rice. However, in tea contains tannin, when entering the stomach, it will combine with protein, vitamin B1 and iron in food to form compounds that are difficult to absorb.

In addition, tannins and theocins found in teas inhibit the secretion of gastric and intestinal juices, which is not good for the digestive system to work.

No smoking

First of all, there are 93 types of harmful substances in cigarettes, and 78 types of carcinogens. Second, the human body is in a state of digestion and absorption after a meal, at which time the blood circulation and basic metabolism of the human body will accelerate.

If smoking at this time not only damages the lungs, but the poison will travel to all parts of the body through the bloodstream, the damage level is many times higher than normal.

Do not drive

We all know that it is easy to feel sleepy after a meal, because the brain is lacking blood supply at this time, so not only that, but the body’s ability to respond to sleep will also decrease.

If you drive at this time, you are very likely to make mistakes, even not reacting in time in emergency situations, which is very dangerous.

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