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American desert park earns 40 billion USD in profit every year

Hoang Hai – Pham Thanh (TV reporter in the US)Thursday, May 12, 2022 07:00 GMT+7

Recognized as a national monument since 1936, Joshua Tree Park has a history of millions of years. Due to the tectonic and erosion process of wind and water, many mountains have been created with unique shapes and typical plant systems. This is considered a paradise for those who love mountain climbing and experience tourism.

Mr. Arutyun – Tourist from London, UK: “Joshua Tree is amazing. It’s so beautiful and unlike anywhere I’ve been before. It’s basically like a little oasis in the desert. In the UK too. there are many national parks, but they are very different, the grass is greener and there is a lot of rain.”

Joshua – the tree is named for this national park. The tree grows up to 12 meters tall and takes 50-60 years to mature. To this day, the buds and seeds of the tree are still used as food by the Indian tribes here.

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The park has been put into operation since 1941, but up to now, this park with an area of ​​more than 310,000 hectares still retains its inherent wild and natural features. The main local investment is to build a system of more than 320 km of paved roads and more than 500 campsites around the park to serve visitors.

Mr. George Kaiser – Tourist from Germany said: “We came here by motorbike when doing an excursion from Las Vegas, we were really attracted by the natural scenery here. There is a camping spot. a few miles from here, it would be nice to be able to camp here for a few days, up to 14 days. I won’t get the chance to experience something like this when I’m in Germany.”

It is located not far from some other famous tourist attractions, convenient for tourists to visit. According to statistics from the US National Park Service, Joshua Tree welcomes 2 to 3 million visitors a year, even during the COVID-19 epidemic. Spending by tourists when coming here has contributed to creating more than 1,800 jobs and helping the locality earn a total profit of nearly 200 million USD per year. Around the park area, the rental housing market also attracts many investors across the United States.

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