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Authors who write about female workers can receive prizes up to 30 million VND

According to unofficial statistics, workers labor Currently, enterprises only account for about 15% of the population and about 27% of the social labor force, but they have contributed over 75% of the national budget and over 65% of GDP. economic development of the country.

In which, workers female workers always account for a high proportion, but face many difficulties and obstacles: Female workers participate in the informal labor market more than male workers; The risk of exploitation, violence and sexual harassment is also higher than that of male workers. Not only that, female workers face difficulties and obstacles in terms of promotion opportunities, working age in special occupations, and shouldering more responsibilities in the family and in society than male workers.

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Launching a writing contest “Silent dedications”. Photo: NT

With the desire to contribute more voices to honor the shining examples in the effort to build a healthy working environment, worker safety, As well as, prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace, ActionAid International in Vietnam (AAV), Fund to support social security programs and projects in Vietnam (AFV) have cooperated to organize the contest ” Silent dedications”.

The prize structure of the “Silent Contributions” contest in 2022 includes: 1 first prize of 30 million VND; 2nd prize 2 prizes: 20 million VND; third prize, 3 prizes each worth 10 million VND; 5 consolation prizes, each worth 5 million VND.

In addition, the organizers also give additional prizes to the teams actively participating in the contest. Collective prize (1 prize) 10 million VND/prize. The works that entered the final round (15 prizes) each prize 1 million VND.

In the first launch, the contest received more than 300 entries from professional and amateur authors across the country. And especially, after the works were published and won the prize at the first organization, there were positive impacts, many localities and businesses have adjusted many policies to pay more attention to female workers.

This is a contest that focuses on writing for female migrant workers, especially informal female workers in cooperatives: For example, the issue of insurance; housing, safe workplace… for workers. Besides the contest, it also encourages writings on the issue of livelihood for female workers…

The contest starts from May 15 to September 15, 2022 and awards prizes in October 2022.

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