Chubb Life 17 years of protecting the value of the breadwinner and Vietnamese family

Chubb Life constantly brings a comprehensive shield to many families across Vietnam, preserving the values ​​of breadwinners, children’s dreams and parents’ peaceful old days. More than anyone else, Chubb Life understands that human values ​​are the most precious “because you are the whole world”.

Chubb Life protects you – “Because you are the world”

Mr. Nguyen Hong Son – General Director of Chubb Life Vietnam once shared: “Insurance must have a solid foundation and be the last “fortress” of protection against any storm“. That is the most humane value of insurance, and also the value that Chubb Life has always pursued from the very beginning by walking on the path of sustainable development, not chasing after hot growth achievements.

The difference of Chubb Life is most clearly shown by constantly affirming the human value of the two words “protection”. And the greatest value that needs to be protected is human value.

Chubb Life understands that, each individual may be just a very ordinary person in a large society, but to their loved ones, they are “the whole world”, the builder of children’s dreams, who brings complete sweetness to parents, and is also the one who accompanies the spouse to overcome all difficulties.

And when the breadwinners realize their great worth, in terms of the truly huge differences we make to our families, it’s invaluable to build a protection plan for yourself and your family. essential, so that loved ones don’t have to live a life of “compromise” when disaster strikes.

This is the message of humanity that Chubb Life wishes to convey through a meaningful media campaign called “Because you are the world”. Thereby, Chubb Life once again affirms its mission on the journey to protect millions of breadwinners and Vietnamese families.

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Chubb Life Vietnam launches the communication campaign “Because you are the whole world” with a humane and inspirational message about the great value of each individual.

17 years of sustainable development, protecting the value of the breadwinner and Vietnamese family

In order to realize its protection mission, throughout its 17-year development journey, Chubb Life has steadfastly progressed on the path of sustainable development. The first solid foundation comes from the product portfolio diversification strategy.

Depending on their needs, customers can choose protective products according to each life stage or throughout from 1 month to 99 years old, insurance products that accompany children’s education or education. seniors products, products purchased online or investment product lines.

Not only that, Chubb Life’s sustainable development strategy is clearly demonstrated through the professionalism and standards of the sales team. They are not only trained with specialized knowledge in finance, insurance, etc., but also equipped with necessary soft skills.

Because not only plays the role of a financial planner, the sales team is also a companion to share and encourage customers in the face of losses and difficulties and become a reliable “bridge”. between customers and businesses.

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In addition to focusing on developing elite human resources, digitizing business operations plays an important role, helping to improve customer experience and the professional stature of the sales team.

Up to now, Chubb Life is a rare enterprise that owns a comprehensive digital ecosystem, gradually realizing the goal of “paperless” for the entire process chain throughout from recruitment, training, to effective management of operations. Business operations, consulting and customer care of the sales team (through “virtual assistant 4.0” – SmartAgency), 24/7 automatic appraisal process chain (STP – Straight Through Processing) to help process applications profile and convert the standard profile to “pending release” status within 5 minutes, to a full range of online utilities exclusively for customers (via Chubb eConnect application).

Choosing “sustainability” as a development goal for the past 17 years has helped Chubb Life become a rare entity with stable growth when recording profits from the 5th year of operation onwards and profit growth in the past 17 years. for 13 consecutive years. In particular, in 2021, the company’s revenue is over VND 4,499 billion, an increase of 8% compared to 2020. In which, Chubb Life’s pre-tax profit has grown strongly to VND 980 billion (more than 19% compared to the previous year). year 2020).

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On May 4, 2022, Chubb Life Vietnam celebrates its 17th anniversary, marking a special milestone in the journey to protect the values ​​of the breadwinner and millions of Vietnamese families.

Chubb Life’s 17-year journey to protect millions of Vietnamese families is not only meaningful in spreading human values ​​to each Vietnamese person, but also contributing to building and strengthening the firm’s position in the industry. A group of leading insurance companies, but above all help change the overall face of the life insurance industry, to together keep the value of future protection for customers and loved ones – “Because you the whole world”.

Chubb Life believes that the greatest value is human value, that’s why Chubb Life’s mission is to always accompany and protect the breadwinners and loved ones, so that the two hours of “family” will remain intact even though face any risks.

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