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Clip of two grooms shaking hands, exchanging wedding flowers in the middle of the road attracts thousands of netizens

12/05/2022 07:45 GMT+7

The clip recording the image of two grooms getting out of the car to exchange wedding bouquets according to the custom of marriage in the presence of their officials is attracting the attention of netizens.

The clip that is going viral on social media records an interesting situation that happened when two processions of brides met in the middle of the road.

According to the clip, on a riverside road, there are two processions of brides going in opposite directions. When they reached the top of the bridge, both groups stopped, two grooms in elegant wedding suits got off the flower car, holding a wedding bouquet slowly approaching each other.

The two grooms shook hands and exchanged wedding bouquets in the presence of their officials. Then everyone got on the bus to continue the journey without forgetting to give each other wishes for a hundred years of happiness.

The person who posted the clip on social networks said: “The first time I was able to drive a flower car, I was lucky to meet this beautiful scene. What a charm”.

Very quickly the clip attracted thousands of views, feelings, comments and shares on social networking groups. Many people congratulated the two couples on the big day and there were also people who expressed for the first time that they knew about this custom of exchanging love and exchanging flowers for the first time.

Here are some comments from the online community:

“Beautiful gestures of two young couples. Wish the two happy newlyweds”;

“According to the old people’s opinion, when two groups of brides come home and meet on the bridge or meet in traffic jams, they exchange flowers for luck. Both grooms are very successful and talented. 2 brides are also beautiful. no less than each other”;

“The day I got married, there were 10 weddings, running like a festival. A road full of wedding cars, that day, if you change flowers, you’ll probably have to wait until the evening to pick up the bride”;

“According to the old concept of two weddings meeting each other (ie going in opposite directions) is very taboo and unlucky. To handle this situation, the bride changes hats. Today, the bride no longer wears hats. I think how is the groom changing flowers”;

I find this culture very beautiful, I don’t know where it is taboo but it is clearly a beautiful act. Congratulations to all!”.

Lam Giang; Clip: MXH

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