Coach Mai Duc Chung: “We will quickly forget this match to continue our efforts…”

Coach Mai Duc Chung shared: “We had difficulties in the first half when our team was big and strong, almost all European naturalized players. We lost first, but we knew how to coordinate in situations to turn the world around. flag. This shows the spirit of strong Vietnamese women. I am proud of the Vietnamese team! We promise to quickly forget this match to continue for other matches, work hard every match to win.” .

Commenting on how the Philippines entered the game, coach Mai Duc Chung said: “It has been a long time since the Vietnamese women’s team has not played against the Philippines, we see that their squad is different. If before, they only had 3-4. naturalized players, but now have to be 15-16. The preparation process, we played with Korean opponents very well, but when we returned to Vietnam, we had to prepare again, so we were a bit surprised and staggered. At the beginning of the match, the turning point of this match was the spirit of competition of the whole team, the coaching staff always reminded athletes to hold the ball, coordinate with each other, ensure expertise.”

Before the question of whether Vietnam is still superior to the opponent, head coach Mai Duc Chung frankly suggested not to rush to compare. “I still say spirit is the most important. Obviously we attack more, shoot more. It can be said that professionalism is somewhat satisfactory, but we have to strive more to go further.”

Coach Mai Duc Chung thanked the fans nationwide as well as the audience present at Cam Pha Stadium for loving and cheering for the team, giving great strength to the national team to win.

Regarding the reluctant replacement when Thai Thi Thao was injured, coach Mai Duc Chung regretted but believed that other players would take on the assigned position. “Thai Thi Thao is injured, but still has Duong Thi Van, of course still has to strive, but has partly achieved the wishes of the coaching staff. I trust the athlete very much, so I won. At that time, players like Thuy Trang and Huynh Nhu were still the leading birds leading the team’s play, even though they were old. This is something to be proud of!”.

Coach Mai Duc Chung:

Speaking after the match, head coach of the Philippines team Alen Stajcic said: “This is the first match of the Vietnamese team, but we have played the second match, Vietnam being cheered by the audience is a great advantage. I think at the start, my team played better, but 45 minutes later, Vietnam came up and had better performances.”

Commenting on the Vietnamese players and the audience at Cam Pha Stadium, coach Alen Stajcic shared, “I think the Vietnamese team can be proud of the fans. This is a great atmosphere, I can see the passion. passion, the positivity of football and Vietnamese fans. The Vietnamese team has good technique, we scored first, but we went upstream.”

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