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Cyberattacks on supply chains are on the rise

Meanwhile, the European Union’s Cybersecurity Agency warned that malware was the source of 62% of breaches.

According to Mr. Jonathan E. Savoir, co-founder and CEO at software-as-a-service company Quincus, cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important in helping reduce risk in the supply chain.

“It is estimated that with 42% of global exports coming from Asia Pacific, this will certainly be the region that will be clearly impacted. Businesses need to strengthen security measures and patch vulnerabilities. ‘, Mr. Jonathan E. Savoir emphasized.

According to Mr. Jonathan E. Savoir, companies need to realize that they are part of a broader supply chain ecosystem, extending into the digital environment as well. Reducing complexity through increased system integration with supply chain partners will help reduce the complexity of supply chains, thereby increasing not only efficiency but also transparency. According to McKinsey, an automaker has about 250 tier-one suppliers, but that number grows to 18,000 across the entire value chain.

“Even if your network of operations is only one-twentieth the size of the auto industry – you’re still part of a multi-connected network. The same is true for smaller companies, with less than 100 employees One study found that these companies use an average of 137 SaaS applications (software-as-a-service), which means significant costs for security management, and important More importantly, it creates the risk of a large and unprotected attack surface,” added Mr. Jonathan E. Savoir.

Security firm Palo Alto Networks recently discovered that attackers can scan the entire Internet in less than an hour for vulnerabilities. The speed and scale of the cloud makes attack surface scanning not only easy, but also very cheap, costing only US$10 per scan.

If the bad guys want to break into a major manufacturer’s network with solid defenses, they can get in through a supply chain partner, leaving some ransomware behind. when accessing.

“The cost of ensuring network security is not cheap, but it is absolutely necessary – like locking the door when leaving the house, we always do it without hesitation. Today, protecting the network. Connectivity is more important than ever, so businesses need to get ready and get used to this new normal,” affirmed Mr. E. Savoir.

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