Deputy Prime Minister asked the Ministry of Health to proactively respond to ‘mysterious’ acute liver disease

The above directive was emphasized by Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam in a document sent to ministries, ministerial-level agencies, government agencies, People’s Committees of provinces and cities on acute hepatitis in children on May 12.

According to information from the World Health Organization (WHO), in recent years, some countries have detected acute hepatitis in children, the cause has not been identified, with a high rate of severe disease.

In order to proactively prevent this disease, the Deputy Prime Minister requested the Ministry of Health to exchange and update information with WHO about this disease in order to proactively have a response plan, prepare human resources, vehicles, and supplies. equipment for prevention and treatment. The ministry’s leaders need to direct the inspection, supervision, and guide the prevention and control of this disease, and promptly report to the Prime Minister when the disease has complicated developments.

Deputy Prime Minister asked the Ministry of Health to proactively respond to the 'mysterious' acute liver hospital - 1

A liver infected with a virus. (Illustration image: SKĐS)

The Deputy Prime Minister requested the Ministry of Information and Communications to assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with the Health Ministry in, propagating and providing complete and timely information on the epidemic situation, prevention and control measures so that people can be proactive and active. extreme disease prevention.

On the part of People’s Committees of provinces and cities, especially border provinces with international border gates, the Deputy Prime Minister asked to strengthen supervision at border gates, airports and seaports to detect cases of symptoms. in doubt, promptly report to the Ministry of Health for appropriate guidance and management.

On May 10, WHO identified 348 possible cases of hepatitis of unknown origin worldwide, in the context of many studies investigating the potential role of the Adeno virus and COVID-19 infection.

Leading theories as to the cause of this mysterious hepatitis now lean towards the adenovirus, although there is considerable consideration of the role of the virus. COVID-19 as a co-infection or pre-existing disease.

Specifically, further tests over the past week confirmed about 70% of cases that tested positive for the common adenovirus 41 virus are often related to gastritis.

Test results also showed that about 18% were positive for COVID-19. It is expected that next week’s studies will focus on learning about COVID-19 exposures and infections in cases.

According to research, adenovirus is a very common infection in humans, especially children. Nearly every child is infected with the virus at least once a day before the age of 10.

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