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EU sets deadline to ban new fossil fuel-powered cars from 2035

At the same time, legislators in the European Parliament’s Environment Committee voted against proposals regarding tougher targets to cut CO2 emissions.2 from cars this decade.

Environment committee backs proposal to cut CO . emissions by 100%2 by 2035. This will make the sale of new vehicles run on fossil fuel in 27 EU countries cannot be done.

The European Commission proposed the targets as part of a larger climate change policy package in July 2021, on the basis of new cars being on the road for 10 to 15 years. Accordingly, 2035 is the latest time to sell cars that emit CO . emissions2 Pollution could be stopped without affecting the bloc’s plan to have net zero emissions in all sectors by 2050.

The Commission did not support the proposal to cut CO . emissions by 55%2 from cars in 2030 compared with 2021 levels. They also do not support proposals from other lawmakers to reduce the 2035 target.

The EU sets a deadline to ban new cars running on fossil fuels from 2035 - Photo 1.

“With the CO . standard,2we set a clear path for the car industry and stimulate innovation and investment for car manufacturers.”

The full European Parliament will vote on the CO . proposals2 for cars in the coming months, after which legislators and EU countries must negotiate the final rules.

By speeding up the conversion to types tram Zero-emissions, the EU aims to tackle a quarter of the bloc’s emissions from vehicles, which have been increasing in recent years.

Automotive companies, including Volkswagen, have announced plans to stop selling internal combustion engine cars in Europe by 2035. Some industry groups have warned, however, that more ambitious goals can only be achieved if policymakers support a robust deployment of charging infrastructure.

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