Every night suffering of a young wife who marries a man 20 years older than her

While I was burning with lust every night, my new husband had run out of energy in one battle.

The suffering of a young wife who marries a man 20 years older than her every night-1
She followed the call of love with a man 20 years older than her. (Illustration)

They usually say that, love Regardless of age, regardless of age, everyone has the right to be loved. Granted, that’s not wrong, but when looking at the reality, the age difference is too large to cause many problems.

In particular, the suffering of young and old husbands and wives is probably only understood by insiders.

I am an only child, so under the care of my parents, I am very mean in the eyes of others. Whenever I was angry or angry about something, my parents were always the ones to comfort me first.

I like to say something outright, if it is not met, I will find a way to destroy it until my parents surrender.

The more my parents forbade me, the more I liked doing it. I like the feeling of confronting my parents. That was when I was young, unable to think, but when I grew up, everything seemed to have remained the same.

I know my parents love me, what they forbid is just wanting the best for their daughter. But because of my own eagerness, I always do the opposite of what my parents prevent.

I found the love of my life next to a man over 20 years old. When we got to know each other, he took good care of me and pampered me. He said he was only seven or eight years older than me and I believed it.

Ignoring the age factor, I was attracted by the elegant and poised demeanor of an experienced man to the point of being “infatuated with no way out”.

I knew my family would not support this relationship so I didn’t tell my parents. After knowing him for a long time, he agreed to come and meet my family.

My father was very angry when he heard that his daughter was in love with a man over 20 years old, even close to his age.

My parents took turns persuading me to break up with this man. My father feels that this relationship is not good, the age difference between the two sides is too big. My dad even gave a specific example: “When I was 40 years old, they were 60 years old. Don’t you look in the mirror of your aunt and grandfather.”

My father just sat in the chair, preaching for hours, I think it would be better for him to become a lawyer. However, not a single word from my father reached my ears.

I did not follow their advice, insisting that I be with the man I love.

Finally, the parents gave in to their daughter’s stubbornness. The first days of our marriage were very sweet, he still spoiled me.

Then, as time passed, my relationship with my husband turned from a sweet state to a dull one. I realized that the two sides have very different daily habits.

As men age, their physical strength declines, the couple’s love story is so boring that I have no words to describe it, it’s sometimes worse than “haven’t gone to the market yet”. While I was burning with lust several times a night, my new husband had already run out of energy.

In addition, my husband is a movie night owl, and even prefers watching movies to having sex with his wife. During the day, we all have our own jobs, only free in the evening, but he often makes excuses for being tired and just wants to lie on the bed and watch a movie.

There are countless differences that make me quickly disillusioned in this marriage. I didn’t even know if I could get pregnant when I saw my husband’s health getting worse and worse.

In addition to pampering our wives, we don’t have much say because the 2 generation gap is too big. I gradually regret marrying a man so much older than me.

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