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Fake doctor implanted a lollipop stick under the skin to prevent pregnancy for a client

Pretending to be a doctor, a man in Venezuela has implanted plastic lollipop sticks under the skin of many women. He told the woman this was a modern contraceptive.

This man’s name is Jose Daniel Lopez, 38 years old. Because he did not have a medical degree, Mr. Lopez made a fake degree to work at a number of medical centers in La Victoria and Maracay (Venezuela), according to the daily. The Daily Mirror (Brother).

A person pretending to be a doctor in Venezuela implanted a lollipop stick under the skin of a customer and said it was a birth control stick

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Mr. Lopez has implanted lollipop sticks under the skin of at least 25 women. Although he has no medical degree, Mr. Lopez knows some medical procedures and knows how to implant lollipop sticks under the skin. The implant site is in the arm.

The man who lied to his customer that the lollipop was contraceptives modern called the Implanon contraceptive implant. In fact, the Implanon contraceptive implant is a small plastic rod that contains the birth control pill inside. This birth control pill contains hormones such as levonorgestrel or etonogestrel. The Implanon rod, when implanted under the skin, releases small but steady amounts of these hormones, which help thicken cervical mucus, thin the lining of the uterus and inhibit ovulation, according to the nonprofit health organization. Profit Mayo Clinic (USA).

For Mr. Lopez’s clients, instead of a real Implanon implant, what’s under their skin is just a lollipop stick. The money they pay for this service is in Mr. Lopez’s own pocket. Because of being deceived by Mr. Lopez, some victims have pregnant.

The person who discovered this hoax of Mr. Lopez was a doctor named Rafael Chirinos. Using the WhatsApp application, he learned that several women became pregnant after having Implanon implanted in Mr. Lopez’s place. Dr. Chirinos examined their implant and discovered it was just a lollipop stick.

Dr Chirinos shared the incident on a post on social network. At the same time, he asked those who had implanted the Implanon contraceptive at Mr. Lopez’s place to check health right.

The article denouncing this scam has been widely shared on social networks. Mr. Lopez knew he had been exposed, so he fled. However, police still tracked down and arrested Mr. Lopez while hiding in the El Castano area, in the state of Aragua (Venezuela).

Mr. Lopez is charged with a range of crimes, including practicing medicine illegally, using a fake license, fraud and more. If convicted, Mr. Lopez could be sentenced to many years in prison, according to the newspaper The Daily Mirror.

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