Former President of South Korea and his wife returned to their hometown to work as a farmer

“When I returned to my hometown, I was relieved that I finally finished everything safely”Mr. Moon said when he returned to his hometown in Yangsan, 420 km from Seoul on May 10.

The former Korean leader said that in the coming time, he will live the life of an ordinary citizen, doing farm work and enjoying makgeolli – a famous Korean rice wine with the townspeople.

“I will live a free life with my wife”Mr. Moon shared.

Former President of Korea and his wife returned to their hometown to work as a farmer - 1

Former South Korean President Moon Jae-in. (Photo: Reuters)

Earlier, on the morning of May 10, Mr. Moon and his wife left Seoul Station to return to their hometown in Yangsan, along with a number of former aides and Democratic congressmen.

Before boarding the train, he smiled and waved to his supporters.

“As promised when I became President, I will return to the town I used to live in. Don’t regret when I leave office and return to my hometown.” South Korea’s former president shared, adding that he will “live well”.

About 1,000 supporters gathered at Seoul Station to bid farewell to Mr. Moon and his wife. Some carried placards that read “He will always be my superstar” or “I love Moon Jae-in”.

Moon left office on May 9 after a five-year presidency. The former South Korean president said he wants to be forgotten and will not enter politics after he retires.

In his speech before leaving office, Mr. Moon expressed his hope that the new President Yoon Suk-yeol’s administration would continue to inherit and develop the achievements of the previous term, building a real Korea. evolution.

On the morning of May 10, the new President of South Korea Yoon Suk-yeol officially began his 5-year term.

Mr. Yoon’s inauguration ceremony took place solemnly at the square in front of the National Assembly headquarters in the west of Seoul.

The strong message given by the new President is to make Korea a trustworthy member of the international community and a country that truly belongs to the people.

The South Korean leader also emphasized the importance of the values ​​of freedom and lasting peace, and emphasized the role of holding dialogues with North Korea to peacefully resolve “threats of the past.” ‘ caused by this country.

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