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Found a home after two breaks, sorry for mother and daughter Luong Bich Huu

Khanh Don – The word Single in the word “lonely, alone” is the stage name he chose for himself when choosing music as his professional path.

Look at the male singer with tanned skin, tattooed right arm, engraved Chinese words on his hand with philosophy about life: Life and death at number, fate in heaven, wealth and wealth at Ngoc Hoang

He wears ragged jeans of the fashion house “Cai Bang” and his hair is mossy silver… Khanh Don is impressive to me as a “husband” of the heyday, not like an artist.” wholesale” the most expensive song, once in the top ten of the musicians with the highest ringtone sales, always seeing new things to adapt and survive even at the peak.

Khanh Don: Found a home after two breaks, feeling sorry for Luong Bich Huu's mother and daughter - Photo 2.

Khanh Don was a newbie in the profession.

When talking with Khanh Don, behind that playful look is a soul of a child orphaned mother after a traffic accident, the memories of a full family home are very faint. Being a grandmother – “reluctant mother” but warmed Khanh Don during childhood and adolescence. The love for grandmother is like the lyrics and music of musician Nguyen Vinh Tien:

My grandmother took me to the top of the village

She wears the sun alone

This is the wind that blows the clouds away and brings me back to the village

This is the shadow of the sun that follows me on the village road

My village winding, winding, winding, winding…

Independent childhood, grandmother is the second mother

Khanh Don was born in 1983, his life turned in a different direction when his mother suddenly died in 1988, when he was only 5 years old. His mother died when he was only 20 years old, his father fell into widowhood at the same age.

Khanh Don shared: “When her mother was still alive, her family lived at her grandmother’s house in Saigon. At that time, her parents only had Don, there was no younger brother. Mother left so suddenly, Khanh Don was accepted by her grandmother to Bien Hoa, Dong Adopted deer. From a boy from Saigon to becoming a citizen of Dong Nai, also from that event.”

Mother died when little Khanh Don was only 5 years old, taking pictures at the funeral laughing and running without knowing that from that moment, forever lost the family home with mother and father. I still remember when people took my mother’s clothes to the grave to burn, Don felt strange and wondered: “Oh my god, the doctors burned my mother’s clothes, what did my mother and I get out of the grave to wear?”

Returning to Dong Nai to live with his grandmother, every time his father comes home to visit, Khanh Don feels strangely warm, strangely happy, even though the moment when his father returns is short, it is not long enough to warm the heart of his poor child. orphan. Khanh Don was loved by her grandmother, from childhood to adulthood, she helped her from cooking, washing dishes, sweeping the house, gathering vegetables for her to sell at the market.

Khanh Don’s independence from an early age brought him “escape” from the thought: “I used to have a family home, have parents, have a life in Saigon”.

Later growing up, the moment of heartbreak is also rare because he is used to living with his grandmother, used to the orphan scene, used to the scene of looking forward to a visit to his father’s house… so gradually, Khanh Don no longer exists. Think: If my mother was still alive, what would my life be like? Later, Khanh Don’s father walked again and had 2 more children: a boy and a girl.

For Khanh Don, the stepmother is a gentle, cute and kind-hearted woman. She considers Khanh Don as her own child, so Khanh Don’s relationship with her two half-brothers is very good.

During his childhood, living with his grandmother, Khanh Don had the pleasure of listening to music from the radio that his grandmother bought as a gift from her children who went to work abroad. On that day, every birthday, the aunt and uncle gave a ribbon with songs, which was a great spiritual gift for a child.

Khanh Don: Found a home after two faults, felt sorry for Luong Bich Huu's mother and daughter - Photo 3.

Photos of the current Khanh Don.

Music permeates Khanh Don or Khanh Don soaks up music, whether it is the subject or the object, the fact that today there is a musician and singer Khanh Don with favorite songs: Regardless of what people say, Waves of life You, Pain will let go, Meet the right person at the wrong time… as proof that: Everyone is different! Even a child that has a beautiful childhood is not living in the love of a mother.

The turning point Khanh Don came to music was like a story in a fairy tale about a poor, orphan, studious boy… who met a gentleman. Khanh Don rode his bicycle to Dong Nai Children’s Cultural House to watch his friends practicing art.

Once Khanh Don met the deputy director of the youth culture house and was led by her to study with her friends, she said: “If you love art, I will introduce you to it, it’s free”.

So from grade 6 to grade 12, Khanh Don and his friends at the Dong Nai cultural house performed professionally on stages, that friction was the catalyst for Khanh Don to enter the University of Theater and Cinema.

But after only studying for a year, Khanh Don quit after forming a band and meeting musician Do Quang. I thought the fairy door would open with “Cinderella” but life is inherently not easy, with a child orphaned mother since the age of 5, the family’s economic conditions are limited, self-reliance is the choice. If you choose only then the future is always a new gamble.

Khanh Don: Found a home after two breaks, feeling sorry for Luong Bich Huu's mother and daughter - Photo 4.

“Flash of light” after a lonely night of unemployment!

When he was in his first year of university, Khanh Don thought he was only following the path of being a singer, never thought he could become a musician. He also worked part-time at a wedding dress shop to save money for his first album.

At that time, Khanh Don and two friends formed a music group, went to sing bars, tea rooms, wedding parties… in this singing environment, Khanh Don knew musician Do Quang. In that group of 3, musician Do Quang “dotted” Khanh Don to make his debut album and oriented to promote him as a professional singer.

He also dropped out of school early because his dream of becoming a professional singer was ignited with many beautiful thoughts about the aura of the stage.

Khanh Don recalls: “As soon as he met Don, Quang felt that Don was a “alone” young man. So the stage name Do Quang gave Don was Nguyen Co Don in his first album: Loneliness among people. space”.

Musician Do Quang unfortunately passed away, Khanh Don’s album also failed because there was no longer a reputable and famous artist to manage. At this time, Khanh Don again… missed his appointment with music and returned to the unemployment box. Lying sad at home, Khanh Don suddenly sat up to write music to play to relieve his sadness and then let singer Tri Hai sing.

Unexpectedly, the song: “Despite what people say” became a cult hit, making Khanh Don become a “wholesale” musician, a prestigious song at that time with a massive order volume, tired composing. Vacation. And Tri Hai runs the show for a full thirty days a month.

A song that “saved” the careers of two people, suddenly became a phenomenon of popular musicians and singers at that time. After Tri Hai died, Khanh Don also lost a good relationship in his music career. At that time, every coffee shop saw that song playing, how fun life was!

Khanh Don confided: “A customer ordered 30 songs of Khanh Don, with the unit price of 5 million – 10 million each. As for the ringtone, there was a time when it was three or four hundred million/month. Now it’s pre-production. music rights are also a few hundred million”.

From that classic push, Khanh Don has a stable economic potential, buys a house, a few pieces of land, buys a car… with his trendy nature, Khanh Don currently focuses on building web drama-style movies, developing develop a youtube channel with tens of millions of views, a monthly revenue of several hundred million dong, a disease that reduces revenue by 60% but is not in debt and still lives well with the remaining 40% of revenue.

Khanh Don: Found a home after two breaks, feeling sorry for Luong Bich Huu's mother and daughter - Photo 5.

Day is over, sorry for Luong Bich Huu’s mother and daughter

Khanh Don and his ex-wife knew each other when they were both very young. Just over twenty years old. After 5.6 years of knowing each other, seeing friends in the group get married, Khanh Don also thought of a family home.

But the closer to marriage, the more harsh words and fierce discord. To the point that a day before the wedding, he even considered annulling the marriage because of the argument that he wanted to explode because both of them were short-tempered. The ex-wife is pregnant again and can’t stop talking.

Khanh Don recalls: “At that time, it was impossible to annul the marriage because of the child in the womb and the invited guests. I thought that if I tried, I would be happy again, but after three months of the wedding, everyone went their separate ways”.

The strange thing about this marriage is that Khanh Don could not live with his ex-wife, but after the divorce, his father-in-law moved in with Khanh Don to take care of his grandson.

Perhaps because his father-in-law is the same as Khanh Don, the situation is also divorced, so he understands the pain of the man who broke up too quickly and did not have time to do anything to make the home less precarious… because Khanh’s first marriage Single, from the very beginning, insiders were skeptical of it, how luxurious is happiness.

Khanh Don’s first father-in-law lived with Khanh Don until he and his third wife were married for 2 years, then he said goodbye to his family to return to Quang Ninh to live when his son was 9 years old.

In his free time, he flew back to live with the new husband and wife of his old son-in-law, in harmony and never had any disparity. The family seems to be complicated when not only the stepmother, the stepchild of the husband, but also Khanh Don’s ex-father-in-law! Yet they still live in harmony under one roof, when they parted, they were full of attachment.

Khanh Don: Found a home after two breaks, feeling sorry for Luong Bich Huu's mother and daughter - Photo 6.

When there is a common love that is a child in the absence of the full love of parents, adults have the same idea of ​​compensation and love, other differences can be reconciled and made room for each other. kindness is quietly cultivated, in the most unexpected way! As Khanh Don’s stepson voluntarily called Khanh Don’s third wife: Mother.

Like the fact that the father of an ex-wife can eat on the same tray, stay in the same house with the husband and wife and son-in-law, and have good rice and sweet soup for 2 years…

Khanh Don’s first wife has moved abroad to live and get married, that woman still cares and loves their common child. She even asked Khanh Don to “transfer” to raise their common child. But Khanh Don said that his ex-wife did not need to send money to raise children, he could take care of it. Just give me love, buy me a gift, that’s it.

After a year of breaking up with his ex-wife, Khanh Don met Luong Bich Huu and when it came to Luong Bich Huu, Khanh Don seemed shy and embarrassed as if touching a swollen wound that… almost cried.

It took a few minutes for Khanh Don to say his sobs: “It seems that men are the same, only when they really lose do they appreciate what they have. In the relationship with Luong Bich Huu, Khanh Don is also the type of man who died before… panicky, empty, regretful.

That day Luong Bich Huu still left his belongings in Vietnam, the two of them lived in the same house. Until one day Huu let someone quietly come and clean up everything. Khanh Don has lost his family home again.”

Khanh Don only met his son with Luong Bich Huu only once through a photo Huu sent when he was a full month old. After that date, is the severance. The biggest mistake was in Khanh Don. That day was very drunk, a week must have enough 7 meals, while Huu gave birth abroad and struggled alone.

Khanh Don is very indifferent, does not ask questions, thinks that if it is his, how can he lose it, so he does not care to preserve, care, and love. Luong Bich Huu is a secretive and vulnerable type of person, and it is precisely that in Huu that makes Khanh Don always feel a pang of pain every time he thinks about it.

The third marriage, with Huynh Nhu, a woman 11 years younger than Khanh Don. There is understanding and acceptance from both sides. Khanh Don has reduced the matter of eating and drinking from 7 meals a week to 2 meals, from sleeping until 12 noon, waking up at 6 am, taking her children to breakfast and taking them to school.

Whether a man earns a lot of money or a little, sharing with his wife the toils of household chores is a way for Khanh Don to hold Huynh Nhu’s hand in his third marriage without fear of loneliness. break in the middle of spring again…

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