K COFFEE – Stick with pure coffee

As an experienced person in the field of production and export of Vietnamese agricultural products, Chairman of Phuc Sinh Group, Mr. Phan Minh Thong, is always worried about his responsibility to bring 100% pure coffee to millions of Vietnamese people.

K COFFEE and community responsibility

Hi, why do you choose coffee products when the Vietnamese coffee market is saturated and Phuc Sinh Group has been positioned as the “Pepper King”?

Chairman Phan Minh Thong: Phuc Sinh Group operates in the field of clean agricultural products in general, not just pepper. In the 21 years of establishment and development, Phuc Sinh is known as the leading pepper export group in the market, as well as being named the “King” of exporting Vietnamese pepper. Besides, Phuc Sinh is in the top of companies with the largest export coffee output in the country. Phuc Sinh coffee has been present in more than 80 countries around the world, conquering difficult markets such as Europe, Russia, the United States,… Faced with the situation of mixed coffee still standing in our country all the time. For a long time, we really want people to have access to and use 100% pure coffee of K COFFEE Phuc Sinh.

Why did you decide to return to Vietnam when the market did not understand correctly about 100% pure natural coffee and clean coffee?

Chairman of Phuc Sinh Group: Vietnam is the second largest coffee exporter in the world, but there is a sad paradox that most people do not drink clean coffee. As a large and long-standing coffee export company, Phuc Sinh Group in general and K COFFEE in particular realize that it is their responsibility to change the coffee market in Vietnam, improve food quality, safety and hygiene. and to give consumers the opportunity to have contact with 100% pure coffee.

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Banner coffee K COFFEE 100% pure natural taste

K COFFEE and persistence with 100% pure natural coffee

K COFFEE seems to be choosing a challenging path, so what difficulties has K COFFEE encountered in the journey to fulfill its community responsibility?

K COFFEE - Consistent with pure coffee - Photo 2.

President Phan Minh Thong and partners check the quality of raw materials at the preliminary stage of clean coffee processing

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Mr. Phan Minh Thong on a business trip to the coffee farm in Son La factory.

There are many brands that have followed this path but have changed direction for many reasons, what do you think about this?

President Phan Minh Thong: Producing pure coffee is easy said but difficult to do, a standard clean coffee production process must ensure all 4 stages: farm (Phuc Sinh owns its own farm especially, working directly with more than 10,000 farmers), a specialized processing factory (Phuc Sinh has a processing factory for Wet Arabica Coffee that processes coffee after harvest according to European standards), a roasting factory (Roasted according to a separate formula, without chemical colors, keeping natural flavors), product packaging (design of a one-way valve to preserve coffee for the longest).

In Vietnam, people only care about the top, ie roasting and packing without traceability of the source of the raw materials, which cannot ensure the uniformity, they cut the process, buy floating materials to profit maximization. With its position, K COFFEE finds itself to “define” clean coffee in Vietnam. K COFFEE is a coffee company that commits to 3 zeros on the packaging: no chemical colors, no harmful odors, no mixing of okra, soy.

K COFFEE - Consistent with pure coffee - Photo 4.

K COFFEE Blue Son La coffee with the rule of 3 no

K COFFEE and the goal of changing the Vietnamese coffee market

In the near future, what plans will K COFFEE have to change the Vietnamese coffee market?

Chairman Phan Minh Thong: K COFFEE plans in the next 3 to 5 years to become one of the three largest companies in the line of roasted coffee in Vietnam; 1 in the segment of high quality, safe and sustainable products. To do that, K COFFEE will open a large number of facilities to distribute pure coffee products, through many methods. In particular, people can see K COFFEE’s promotional videos on major TV channels. We will use our economic potential, knowledge and experience to carry out our mission: Vietnamese people use 100% pure coffee with affordable prices.

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