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Lack of staff due to COVID-19, UK airline decided to remove plane seats

Lack of staff because of COVID-19, the UK airline decided to remove the plane's seats - Photo 1.

EasyJet decided to reduce the seats on the plane to handle the shortage of flight attendants. Photo: AFP

AFP news agency (France) on May 9, citing EasyJet’s announcement, said that during the peak of the upcoming flight season, this airline will reduce the number of passenger seats on the A319 Airbus to 150- 156 seats. EasyJet insists it will only adjust the seats with the A319 series.

This will allow EasyJet’s A319 Airbus planes to fly with three flight attendants instead of four, as per UK Civil Aviation Authority regulations. By law, airlines operating in the UK must meet the requirement to have one flight attendant for each 50 passenger seats.

EasyJet said that its seat reductions “are an effective way to … build additional resilience and flexibility” into its operations this summer.

The global aviation industry has been hit hard by the pandemic COVID-19 causing planes to have to “beam” and thousands of jobs cut. However, in the coming time, it is expected that the demand for air services will recover strongly after the travel restrictions are lifted.

This leaves airlines racing to recruit new employees.

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