Lightning struck four people dead

Moving and working under heavy rain, three people in Thai Binh and one in Hung Yen were killed by lightning, on the afternoon of May 12.

Three victims in peaceful Ms. Nguyen Thi Quy (36 years old), son Nguyen Cong Duc (16 years old, resident in Dong Hung district), Mr. Nguyen Ba Trong (50 years old, resident in Vu Thu district). All three were given emergency treatment at more than 4pm in a state of respiratory arrest, cardiac arrest, said Mr. Nguyen Tien Dinh, Head of Health Station of Thuy Thanh Commune, Thai Thuy District.

At this time, Thai Binh appeared thunderstorms with thunder lasting nearly 60 minutes. Quy and her husband rode two motorbikes (Miss Quy carried her son, her husband went alone behind) and Mr. Trong was traveling on provincial road 456, the border between three communes Thuy Thanh, Thuy Hong and Thuy Duyen when lightning struck. beaten.

After the autopsy, the victims’ bodies were handed over to their families by the Investigation Police Agency of Thai Binh Province.

The red mark is the area hit by lightning on the afternoon of May 12.

In Tay Do commune, Hung Ha district, lightning struck Mr. Hoang Van Nha’s pig farm, killing all 229 pigs that were about to be released from the barn, of which 151 weighed on average 140 kg/head, 78 weighed 120 kg/head. child.

Also on the afternoon of May 12, many districts of hung Yen province thunderstorms appear. In the field of Le Xa commune, Tien Lu district, a 54-year-old woman who was spraying pesticides was killed by lightning.

The North and Central often appear thunderstorms and thunder during the transition from cold to hot (April-May) and from hot to cold (September-October). “When it’s going to be stormy, everyone should go home, a safe place is a building or office with lightning protection equipment,” said Dr. Nguyen Xuan Anh, Director of Geophysics.

If they do not find a safe shelter in time, people absolutely do not shelter from the rain under trees, stay away from metal objects such as bicycles, motorbikes, iron fences; should find a dry place, as low as possible, arms around the neck, tiptoes and not lying on the ground, so that the contact between the person and the ground is minimal. When outdoors, do not stand in groups, because lightning strikes can cause catastrophic accidents.

Ways to avoid lightning strikes in the rainy season.  Graphics: Viet Chung - Pham Huong

Ways to avoid lightning strikes in the rainy season. Graphics: Viet Chung – Pham Huong

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