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Mai Anh eavesdropped on Giang

In Ex-husband ex-wife ex-lover – episode 5, After her daughter gets married, Giang’s mother (NS Van Dung) comes to the city from the countryside to visit her daughter. She was also surprised to see Mai Anh (Quynh Trang), the stepchild of Viet (Vietnamese-English) live with a married couple.

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The appearance of Giang’s mother also turned life upside down at Viet-Giang’s home. Mai Anh, of course, doesn’t like the fact that Giang’s mother is here. On one occasion, Mai Anh overheard the story of Giang and Giang’s mother talking to each other.

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Viet passed by and saw his daughter standing there and quickly pulled him up. But Mai Anh deliberately made a big deal out of it, saying that Giang and her mother were plotting to rob Viet’s property. Viet tried to pull her daughter up but couldn’t, Mai Anh still deliberately said that Giang and her mother were discussing plans to have a baby and then push Mai Anh out of the house.

Viet said her daughter was childish, but Mai Anh said she was 18 years old, lived with her grandparents for 12 years, lived with her father for 3 years, lived with her mother for 3 years, how could she be a child anymore.

Preview Ex-husband, ex-wife, ex-lover episode 5

Episode 5 of the movie Ex-husband ex-wife ex-lover will be broadcast at 21:40 today on channel VTV3.

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  • Family love
  • 45 mins
  • April 28, 2022
  • 21:40 – Thursday, Friday – VTV3

“Ex-husband’s ex-wife’s ex-lover” revolves around the marriage of female screenwriter Cam Giang (La Thanh Huyen) and Viet (Viet Anh) – who has experienced a broken marriage, has a stepdaughter of the same age. puberty is full of “wet”. Meanwhile, before coming to Vietnam, Giang also experienced a deep love for many years but was betrayed. Their marriage is quickly disturbed by the appearance of old people. Viet’s stepdaughter suddenly wants to move in with her father. Viet’s ex-wife is not committed to seeing her husband happy with a new person. Giang’s ex-lover appeared with the attitude of a single person wanting to find the woman he loved again… Ironically, Viet’s daughter fell in love with Vu (Giang’s ex-lover). Living with Viet, Cam Giang also has to face her birth mother in the countryside, although she is good-natured but too carefree, her family life is turned upside down and troubles begin to arise…

Director: Vu Truong Khoa

Actor: Viet Anh, La Thanh Huyen, Quynh Nga, Chi Nhan, Thuy Duong, Van Dung

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