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More than 1.1 million people use Mobile Money

The above information was given at the seminar “Promoting Mobile Money Development” taking place this morning (May 11).

According to a report by the State Bank of Vietnam, more than 60% of registered accounts are in rural, mountainous, border and island areas, meeting expectations about promoting cashless payments in remote areas. .

However, the network operators said that the biggest difficulty is authenticating users via eKYC electronic identification, especially comparing information between the old identity card number and the new citizen’s identity.

More than 1.1 million people use Mobile Money - Photo 1.

More than 1.1 million people use Mobile Money after nearly 6 months of piloting. (Illustration image – Photo: Labor)

“Telecommunication services in Vietnam have been around for nearly 30 years. Customers’ information is old documents. We recommend that network operators need to connect to a centralized database on population of the Ministry. Police to identify and check between old and new documents,” said Ms. Pham Minh Tu, Deputy Director of the Digital Service Center, MobiFone Telecommunications Corporation.

Mobile Money is mainly small payments, aimed at retail users in rural areas. Therefore, to ensure safety and avoid risks arising when performing transactions, the units said that they have strengthened security measures.

“We use artificial intelligence to detect anomalies, can look at the user’s behavior, if the location changes when performing a transaction and see abnormalities, then immediately stop that behavior.” Mr. Truong Quang Viet, General Director of Viettel Digital Services Corporation, said.

The seminar also made many other recommendations, such as expanding the transaction limit to over 10 million VND/month, allowing the connection between carriers, or allowing the provision of some new services to make it more convenient for users. use, helping this service create competitiveness with other forms of payment.

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