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My new girlfriend asked me to help buy a car on installments

We both had broken marriages, in our 30s. My brother and I had a seven-year age gap, we met through social media, talked a few times, and then met.

First, I drove a car to pick her up, she chose a luxury restaurant, went for a walk after eating. She went to a clothing store to buy some clothes, the first time she borrowed money from me. In the following days, we met more often, on holidays I gave her flowers and gifts. Going out together or incurring any expenses, I pay. She said she was doing business with a friend who learned about cosmetics and also made money. I don’t delve into your work.

Sometimes she borrowed a few million dong from me to pay for the goods and when we were together she often ordered or received things and asked me to pay. She said it was like I gave it to her, she even ordered personal items for both her grandchildren and her parents. At first, I didn’t think much of it, thinking it was just a normal thing. Later, she bought more and more, wanted to beautify, correct her nose and asked me for money. I give you money for the first fix. On holidays, in addition to flowers and gifts, going out to eat, she also wants me to transfer more money to her account to give three to six million dong.

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I am 1m56 tall, good looking, no children. The reason for the breakdown of my marriage, according to me, was not being in tune with my husband. You haven’t bought me anything, and I haven’t asked for it either. For my birthday, she gave me a small gift of a few hundred thousand dong. She said she loved me and wanted to come to me sincerely. When I was sick, she also came to visit and take care of me. Several times she stayed at my house, also cooked for my friends. She often calls me in the evening when she comes home from work or all day because she wants to see me and miss me. She and I have only known each other for five months, she only came to me when I drove to pick her up, never came to visit me herself, while we were only 10 km apart. We’ve gone too far.

One thing I wonder about is that the two of them are in love and getting to know each other, yet she often asks or wants me to buy things and give gifts. She also wants me to give her family a new refrigerator, her old one. She wants me to buy a good phone, even help her buy a car on installments. Right now, I buy the right things, the rest are cars, phones, refrigerators… I haven’t said anything yet. I work for a salary, normally my monthly salary is 50 million VND. I feel your love for me. She also introduced me to her family and two friends. Should I continue this relationship or stop? Now is it normal to use money to buy things, buy gifts and make such requests or am I thinking too much?


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