‘Myanmar, Timor Leste can win U23 Vietnam’

After a jubilant 3-0 victory over U23 Indonesia in the opening match, U23 Vietnam let the Philippines hold a 0-0 draw in the second match. To win tickets to the semi-finals of the 31st SEA Games, teachers and coaches Park Hang Seo will need good results in the remaining 2 matches against U23 Myanmar and U23 East Timor.

In an interview with Bongdaplus, reporter Alvino Hanafi of Goal Indonesia said that U23 Vietnam will face many difficulties in the remaining 2 matches in the 31st SEA Games group stage:“Myanmar, Timor Leste can completely play like the Philippines, making it not easy for U23 Vietnam to win. Even they have opportunities to win U23 Vietnam.

As it is now, we can see that Myanmar has a pretty good force. They proved it when they beat Timor Leste, Philippines. Besides, Timor Leste also has nothing to lose, they will play with their best efforts when meeting U23 Vietnam. I think this group will still have surprises ahead.

Indonesian reporter: Myanmar, Timor Leste can win U23 Vietnam - Photo 1.

U23 Vietnam used to face many difficulties before the defensive kick of the Philippines

At first, I had the feeling that U23 Vietnam was a strong team that could not be beaten. However, by now we can see that they also have weaknesses. That was shown through the draw against the Philippines. At first, U23 Vietnam thought that this was an invincible team.”

In addition, reporter Alvino Hanafi also said that the current generation of U23 Vietnam has many changes compared to the previous generation. He believes that the group of players who won the 30th SEA Games gold medal before and the current squad have certain differences.

This is the instability of young football. On May 13, U23 Vietnam will enter an important match with U23 Myanmar, a direct competitor for 2 tickets to the semi-finals. If they get 3 points, the chances of going on will be very bright when the last match only has to meet East Timor, the team will definitely be eliminated.

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