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New features on Android 13

At the I/O 2022 event on May 11, Google announced Android 13 with some adjustments compared to the current operating system.

New features on Android 13

Security and privacy: Android 13 further enhances privacy by allowing you to control what content apps can access like “Photos & Videos” or “Music & Audio”, instead of both as before. In addition, users can choose which applications are sent notifications to and do not need to provide location when not absolutely necessary.

Users will receive a warning if an application accesses the cache (or clipboard) and the system also automatically deletes the data after a short time to prevent applications from viewing previously copied content.

Later this year, Google is expected to introduce Security and privacy settings, which gather all data and are rated by color to show users how safe it is, providing instructions and steps. perform increased security.

New features on Android 13 - 2

Personalized experience: One of the favorite features on Android 12 is the Material You interface. With the 13th generation, it continues to be developed and customized through a pre-made color scheme, adding a “Themed Icons” toggle to match supported apps to the phone’s colors. Currently this feature is only available on Pixel models.

In addition, Google has also improved the state of media control when it is possible to change the interface based on the song you are listening to. Users can also change the language of any application without depending on the default language of the device.

New features on Android 13 - 4

Improvements on tablets: Google has launched Android 12L for large screen devices like tablets and folding phones. With the newly announced operating system, the company continues to improve when integrating the ability to split the display screen and avoid mistaken recognition when placing hands on the screen while writing or drawing with a stylus. In the coming time, more than 20 applications will be updated to make the most of the large space and newly added functions.

Google says the second beta of Android 13 has been released. The final version is expected to be available in the fall. Some devices of Oppo, Asus, Nokia, and Realme have also allowed users to test this new operating system.

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