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New Zealand supports nearly 30 billion for Vietnam to recover from the pandemic

On May 11, New Zealand Ambassador to Vietnam, Ms. Tredene Dobson, and Deputy Foreign Minister Nguyen Minh Vu announced a support package worth NZ$2 million (VND 29.5 billion).

This package includes NZ$1 million for medical supplies deployed through UNICEF and NZ$1 million focusing on livelihood restoration for disadvantaged communities in Vietnam through the organization. CARE International and Oxfam in Vietnam.

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Humanitarian assistance has always been an important part of the New Zealand-Vietnam strategic partnership. Ambassador Tredene Dobson shared: “The project applies both approaches to target recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic. On the one hand, Vietnam is still continuing to respond to the pandemic, and that is why Aotearoa New Zealand is working with UNICEF to provide medical equipment to localities that need to continue to respond safely and effectively. with epidemics.

At the same time, in the face of the great impact of the pandemic on the economy and after consultation with the Government of Vietnam, we want to make sure that this project will also contribute to supporting the livelihood restoration of the people. Vietnam’s most vulnerable communities, both in big cities as well as in rural areas, are currently being hit hard by the pandemic.

Working closely with trusted partners, I hope this comprehensive approach will contribute to a robust post-pandemic recovery path. More than ever, we need to act quickly towards the common goal of supporting a strong, prosperous and sustainable Vietnam.”

The component of cooperation with UNICEF focuses on providing medical equipment to support the implementation of vaccination and treatment plans for Vietnamese children. UNICEF Viet Nam Representative, Ms. Rana Flowers, said:

“Basic health services and other social services in the health system have been severely disrupted around the world, including non-Covid related health services. This has had a significant impact on the health of children and women in addition to the effects of the pandemic.

While there is a need to focus on pandemic response, the health system also needs to strengthen its preparedness for future outbreaks. Evidence shows that countries with average health spending of less than $150 per person will not be able to adequately prepare or respond well to future pandemics. These countries will not be able to close the gap in vaccination or achieve the goals of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Building on Vietnam’s remarkable achievements, it is now important to invest more in strengthening the health system, so that children and people have a better chance to live and thrive in the future. . New Zealand-funded medical equipment will contribute to the preparation of the health system for future outbreaks.”

On the other hand, projects implemented by CARE International in Vietnam and Oxfam in Vietnam will support a total of 5,400 people negatively affected by the pandemic. Most of the support package will go directly to women, people with disabilities and ethnic minority communities currently living in Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Quang Tri and Ha Giang.

Over the past two years, the New Zealand Embassy in Vietnam has collaborated with partners such as Oxfam, CARE International, ActionAid Vietnam, East Meets West, the General Confederation of Labor, the Center for Inclusive Education in Tan District. Binh and SCDeaf have successfully implemented many projects to help Vietnam respond to the pandemic.

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