Novaland expands land bank thanks to M&A, Vinhomes diversify business to increase sustainable revenue

Vinhomes (Vingroup) and Novaland can be considered as two enterprises leading the Vietnamese real estate market today. These are also the two listed real estate companies with the largest market capitalization on the stock exchange.

After the success of megacities of hundreds of hectares, Vinhomes is focusing on research and development of mega-projects with a scale of thousands to tens of thousands of hectares, comparable to the level of megacities in the world.

Meanwhile, Novaland proactively and flexibly adjusted its business plan according to the market situation, launched mid-high segment product lines with suitable financial packages, meeting the needs and affordability of customers. customer.

To realize those goals, Vinhomes and Novaland both set out development strategies that have similarities with specific plans as follows:

Continue to search and expand land bank across the country

With the orientation of developing super large-scale projects in the coming years, Vinhomes will seek opportunities to expand its land bank not only in strategic locations in two big cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, but also extends to large and potential coastal areas.

Novaland continues to expand its land bank through concentrated M&A activities in the center of Ho Chi Minh City and satellite areas, and will expand towards the Mekong Delta, the South Central Coast provinces and the Central Highlands. .

In the long term, Novaland will develop into the North region, including Hanoi, cities with good connections to the Capital and the North Central Coast provinces. Novaland’s total accumulated and under development land fund is approximately 10,600 hectares by the end of 2021.

Research and build super project models

Vinhomes will study and build ecological megacities along the coast or riverside, complete in transport infrastructure with many national highways and arterial roads, uniquely designed to create breakthroughs with new developments. Iconic works.

Meanwhile, Novaland’s real estate products continue to be handed over to homebuyers of the highest standard, with synchronous utilities in Central Urban Real Estate, Smart Satellite Urban Real Estate, and Real Estate A tourist town with hundreds of tourism – entertainment – culture – health care facilities is under construction.

Besides the similarities, these two giants also have separate and unique priorities in their business strategy for 2022.


Synchronously develop 3 product lines, EXPAND INDUSTRIAL real estate

Comparing the business strategy of Vinhomes vs Novaland: Novaland expands its land bank thanks to M&A, Vinhomes diversify its business to increase sustainable revenue - Photo 1.


Novaland was developed from Anova – a company specializing in the field of pesticides. Novaland’s first project is Sunrise City – a project acquired from Him Lam. When the first area of ​​Sunrise City (The South) was opened for sale in 2010, the market was still relatively difficult, but the company quickly overcame it under the disparagement of industry insiders with the view that “the market If this is a high-end one, you’ll die anyway.”

After successfully selling the South area, the Central and North areas are sold at lower prices, accompanied by a reduction in the form of handover. After the success of Sunrise City, Novaland continued to succeed with other projects such as Saigon Royal, Golden Mansion, Kingston Residence…

Novaland is known as the king of “interlaced land”. Novaland’s projects are small and medium sized and mostly concentrated in the city center. Sunrise City project has an area of ​​​​51,000m2, Saigon Royal is 6,669m2, Rich Star is nearly 30,000m2… Novaland’s product segment is mainly mid- and high-end products.

In 2021, Novaland announced a development strategy for the period of 2021-2025 with a focus on the synchronous development of three product lines:

(1) Urban real estate: Focusing on the mid-high-end segment in key locations of HCMC and satellite towns);

(2) Real estate Urban tourism: Focusing on provinces/cities rich in tourism potential, convenient transport infrastructure, building a model of an integrated resort – resort – entertainment complex.

(3) Industrial real estate: Research and develop clusters of Industrial Parks/Industrial Urban Areas in provinces such as Ba Ria – Vung Tau, Dong Nai, Long An, Tay Ninh…

Currently, Novaland has developed more than 50 urban real estate projects and urban tourism real estate, has been developing 75,000 products. In 2022, Novaland aims to introduce to the market at least 15,000 new products, with a variety of products such as apartments, villas, commercial townhouses, second home (villas, resort townhouses). ), branded resort villas…

It is expected that in the period of 2021-2025, Novaland will develop 100,000 products; in the period 2026-2030 to develop and supply 150,000 products to the market. In the next 20 years, Novaland sets a goal to have 50 urban areas in 30 provinces with great potential in economy – tourism and is in need of private economic groups to develop together with the locality.



Comparing the business strategy of Vinhomes vs Novaland: Novaland expands its land bank through M&A, Vinhomes diversify its business to increase sustainable revenue - Photo 2.


Vinhomes is the real estate development company of Vingroup. Vingroup’s first project was Times City (2011) in the Hanoi market when the group bought the project from the Hanoi South Urban Development Joint Stock Company. After Vingroup and Vinpearl Land merged, Vingroup officially operated under the group model, Vinhomes operated independently and listed on the Vietnamese stock market.

Vinhomes focuses on the high-end segment but the scale of projects is larger. The most prominent project of Vinhomes Central Park in Binh Thanh District with an area of ​​43 hectares. Vinhomes’ projects are quite large in scale and following each project is an ecosystem developed by Vingroup such as VinMec hospital, VinMart supermarket (now WinMart – sold to Masan), Vinschool…

Focusing on digital transformation and developing high-quality human resources

The O2O (Online-to-Offline) business model, developed and officially put into operation by Vinhomes in 2021, not only optimizes the experience but also supports the primary and secondary business activities of many customers. from home buyers, investors to brokerage agents through a variety of interactive platforms.

In 2022, Vinhomes will constantly improve and upgrade the platforms of the O2O ecosystem to support business, enhance operational efficiency and enhance customer experience.

Human resources are always prioritized for investment and development by Vinhomes with high quality to be able to meet the strong development speed. The preparation and training of leaders to be ready to manage new projects is also one of the priorities that the Company focuses on promoting.

Improve the quality of life for residents and diversify business fields

The first three smart cities, Vinhomes Smart City, Vinhomes Ocean Park and Vinhomes Grand Park, have been setting new living standards for the Company to continue to apply more advanced technologies in future projects. .

The four pillars including Smart Security, Smart Utilities, Smart Apartment and Smart Urban Management will continue to promote efficiency, build a convenient, modern living environment of international stature. for residents.

In addition to the core residential real estate business, Vinhomes will continue to diversify its business by expanding rental activities of apartments, serviced villas and offices, helping to increase sustainable revenue. stabilize and enhance the value for the brand.

Promote the development of industrial real estate

In 2021, the industrial real estate development division of Vinhomes has recorded great interest from potential customers both at home and abroad, showing the demand and development potential of this segment.

In 2022, Vinhomes will continue investment promotion activities, ready to sign with partners as soon as the first industrial park projects come into operation.

With favorable macro factors and the growth trend of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Vietnam, industrial real estate is believed to become one of the key business segments, contributing to stable revenue. for Vinhomes in the future.

By the end of December 31, 2021, Vinhomes’ total assets reached VND 230,516 billion, up 7% over the same period in 2020. Meanwhile, Novaland’s total assets were VND 201,834 billion, up 39.6% compared to the same period last year. At the end of 2020. The profit after tax in 2021 of Vinhomes and Novaland is VND 38,825 billion and VND 3,455 billion, respectively. business-de-gia-tang-nguon-thu-ben-vung-20220511152628029.chn

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