Pocket 5 ‘secrets’ to prepare for the 2022 high school graduation exam that not all students know

Less than 2 months left until the high school graduation exam will take place. This is an important event, marking a turning point in the lives of millions of students after years of hard work. In particular, this year’s exam has changes in the way Admissions making many candidates more pressured in studying and choosing schools.

The students also have to practice and study more, and the exam preparation tools from the online application will be the “secret” to help them pass the dance successfully with the exams ahead.

Besides the luggage is a comfortable and confident mentality, the following 5 “secrets” will accompany the soldiers to prepare well before the upcoming important exam.

Set specific goals and plans

According to the golden rule of 80/20, make a plan to implement the set goals, in which just spending 20 minutes planning you will save 80% of the completion time and achieve high efficiency in learning. practice. The plan should be divided into phases, with a clear process to avoid confusion and overlapping of knowledge.

A basic review process has 3 stages including covering all knowledge; Practice problem solving and finally review. Depending on the capacity of each person, the time for each stage will be different.

Systematic Memorization

To learn a huge amount of knowledge requires a scientific way of remembering. Follow the steps below to practice effectively:

  • Write an outline: Summarize your outline, including clearly numbered items.
  • Brainstorm: For the first time, repeat each part of each lesson. The second time, systematize the entire lesson. For the third time, ask the question and answer it yourself in your head. If there is any problem, flip the outline to see.
  • Write it down on paper: For formulas, theorems, postulates, write them down on paper. When recording, you only summarize the important part, do not write cumbersome, redundant, avoid wasting time in vain, ..

Today, with the application of Adaptive Learning technology, the statistics and reports on the ability of each subject, the report of knowledge gaps, and suggestions for students to practice have helped many candidates not to be “hidden” in the exam. huge amount of knowledge.

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Learning technology applications.

Cultivate the habit of self-study

If you study on your own, you will be more proactive in accessing knowledge. You will tend to find and learn the parts you are missing. Self-study helps you to consolidate knowledge gradually and surely, helping you to remember longer and understand the subject better.

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Every day you can spend 20 minutes practicing weights by topic.

In addition, you will not be pressured by the amount of knowledge, the amount of your exercises, ensuring your health and psychology will also be more comfortable.

Using online learning applications to support revision

The college entrance exam season is the time when students not only have to study ‘as tight as a string’, but also have to prepare documents to apply to universities. To overcome the ‘matrix’ of information, from information about the school, the training industry, to the benchmarks of the years, enrollment methods, targets…, is obviously not an easy thing for many students.

In order to solve the above problem, MobiFone has recently built and completed a website for college entrance exams and high school graduation exams for students, parents, teachers, schools, and Departments of Education and Training across the country.

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Look up university information at mobiEdu.

The website mobiEdu university exam provides full features (All-in-one), including: Information about universities, academies, colleges and professions nationwide; Assessing capacity, suggesting suitable schools; A learning and review channel for high school students; High school graduation mock exam; Report score; Enrollment blog; Learning social network.

Students only need to access the mobiEdu university exam website to have full official information, instructions and practice for self-study and mock exams.

In the feature of Preparation and mock test, students have many options, including: General exam preparation – Mobistudy; Intensive English exam preparation – Hiclass; High school graduation test. In particular, the system of mock exams follows the sample questions of the Ministry of Education and Training and the competency assessment tests from major universities/academies.

The exam questions are digitized to do the test directly on the page, with a countdown timer, with automatic grading, displaying results, answers and detailed explanations for each question. In particular, after completing, students can choose “Suggestions” to see a list of schools that can pass based on the benchmarks of those schools that year and based on the choice of faculty / major they want to study.

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Mobile university exam website.

Accompanying students across the country, MobiFone offers a huge package for students with many incentives, including: 1 account for studying for exams on https://daihoc.mobiedu.vn/, 1Gb of high speed Every day, when the data capacity is exhausted, customers still continue to access YouTube, Tiktok and My Music completely free of data. Customers only need to text ED50 to 999 (50,000 VND/month).

Contact hotline 9090 (200 VND/minute) for more details.

Website: https://daihoc.mobiedu.vn/

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