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Promise to ‘run away’ for inmates and tragic end

The defendant provided false information about the wishes of the person in detention to want to be “acquitted”, made up the story that he could help the wife send a letter to her husband, and “run the sentence” at a cost of 1 billion VND to get the sentence. “acquitted”…

On May 12, the Hanoi People’s Court sentenced defendant Nguyen Cao Long (SN 1992, in Dong Da) to a 9-year prison sentence for fraud and appropriation of property.

According to the allegation, at the time of September 2021, Long was being detained at Prison No. 1, Hanoi Police in a case of fraud to appropriate property handled by the People’s Court of Soc Son district.

On September 25, 2021, Long was detained in an isolation room (isolated to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic) with Dang Dinh Bach, a defendant in a tax evasion case.

In the cell, Long was told by Bach that Bach was investigated by the Security Agency and the Hanoi Police, and detained for tax evasion.

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Defendant in court

Bach gave Long his wife’s phone number and asked a fellow prisoner, if he was released from prison, he would notify his wife to contact a foreigner named Daniel King to ask for help and intervention from abroad.

On September 30, 2021, the People’s Court of Soc Son district, Hanoi tried and sentenced Long to 24 months in suspended prison and was released at court.

On October 1, 2021, Long called Bach’s wife to text the content that his inmate asked for. At this time, the defendant arose the intention of fraudulently appropriating the property of Bach’s wife, Tran Phuong Thao.

The defendant provided false information about Bach’s wish to be “acquitted” and made up that he could contact Thao to send letters to her husband, send supplies, visit and “run the case” for Bach. with a cost of 500 million dong, the sentence will be suspended and 1 billion dong will be “acquitted”.

Long himself did not know anyone in detention center No. 1, Hanoi Police to ask or carry out resupply procedures for Bach.

To build trust with Ms. Thao, Long used 2 phone numbers, pretending to be a person named Hoang Minh Cuong (superintendent of detention center No. 1, Hanoi Police) to contact Ms. Thao to provide information about the situation. Bach’s wishes, discussed about “running the case” for Bach.

Thao trusted and gave the scammer more than 289 million VND. After receiving the money, Long appropriated all personal expenses.


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