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Sing Out Loud 2022: When young people sing

Format includes 4 dramatic and challenging rounds

Language is not only a tool to help young people connect with the world but also an advantage to help them express themselves through artistic activities. With that in mind, Sing Out Loud is a playground for high school students across the country who want to try their hand at singing in English.

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Sing Out Loud is a contest to find young musical talents organized by Swinburne Vietnam

Four dramatic rounds of competition promise to bring memorable musical impressions to young people this summer. At the Profile Round from May 10 to June 5, 2022, contestants participate by sending their video submissions to the Organizing Committee. The jury of vocal instructors will choose the 50 most potential performances to move on to the Preliminary Round, which will take place from June 6 to June 15.

The Preliminary Round of Sing Out Loud will take place from June 19, 2022 in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the 10 best performances will be selected by the Jury. The most favorite contestant in the Top 50 through the voting system on the landing page will go directly to the final night.

A highlight of Sing Out Loud’s format is Training Week (June 25 – July 5). This is also the time when the Top 10 best participated in training and training with a team of mentors who are experienced singers and vocal instructors.

The training program helps candidates, especially young people with little experience, to hone their vocal skills and public performance style. The Final Round of Top 10 is expected to take place on July 17, 2022.

Revealing the people who “hold the weight and bounce the ink”

The professional council is an indispensable element in any professional and prestigious competition. Besides the ability to use the English language, vocal skills and stage performance are important criteria.

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The panel of experts is an attractive element that audiences are looking forward to at Sing Out Loud

Attending Sing Out Loud, the contestants will have the opportunity to test their English ability and musical talent in front of a panel of experienced judges. In addition, the competition also has a team of advisors who will accompany the contestant throughout the contest, helping candidates discover their hidden abilities, develop necessary skills, especially improve their ability to use English professionally. and confident as global citizens.

Opportunity to express yourself through art activities

It is known that the total prize value of the contest is up to 800 million VND, including cash and scholarships from Swinburne Vietnam. However, more than the prize value in kind, Sing Out Loud brings meaning because it is considered a place to connect the hearts of music lovers and language lovers. At that playground, young people can not only assert their individuality and shine, but also connect and interact with friends in a community with the same passion.

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Singing talent contests are an opportunity for young people to shine

The development of English skills not only takes place through learning activities, but can also be developed through experiences and artistic activities. The contest is also seen as a challenge to help young people step out of bounds and build confidence. Contestants not only have the opportunity to “show off” their musical talents, but also have the opportunity to use language to express their personality, express their emotions as well as voice the voices of the young generation.

Interested candidates register to try Sing Out Loud 2022 here.


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