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Strange village 90% of residents with the same surname, all of them pale when asked a question

This village is located in the deep mountains of the same cup, where there are mysteries that all villagers hide.

That is Kim Gia village, Dong Chi district, Tri Chau citadel, Anhui (China). This village is surrounded by mountains and is located in a valley separate from the outside world.

This place looks like a village on a normal mountain, but in fact, there are many mysteries hidden inside.

The villagers are very hospitable but their faces change when asked one thing

This village has many ancient buildings, at least from the Ming and Qing dynasties with unique shapes.

Although it has been a long time, these structures show no signs of decay. Around the village, ruins and broken walls were everywhere.

When a stranger arrives, the villagers welcome them warmly, the atmosphere is not as secretive as rumored. However, when asked about the origin of the people here, suddenly the faces of these people changed, no longer as welcoming as before.

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The more I learn, the more confused I get

The group of experts who came here were very curious about the origin in Kim Gia. The strange architecture of the village does not match the development characteristics of the traditional village.

Experts found a very tall building on the outside because it was older than the others, its structure was bizarre, the walls were full of holes large and small, it looked like it was for defense.

Since they could not learn anything from the villagers, the team of experts sought out leaders of relevant departments of Dong Chi district, hoping to learn material related to the village’s history.

Qi Tu Lap is director of Dong Chi district’s tourism department, after knowing the request of experts, he revealed some information about this village. According to him, there is very little information about Kim Gia village. Even so, they can still find a little clue.

The village has more than 160 households and more than 780 people, nearly 90% of which are Kim. Multiple people of the same surname living on such a scale are rare. In addition, this village rarely communicates with the outside world, even the people here do not marry outsiders.

According to the records, the history of Kim Gia village can be traced back to 1000 years, which further confirms the experts’ thinking that there must be some “unspeakable” secrets.

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The genealogy reveals the secret

To answer this strangeness, experts along with the Director of Dong Chi District Tourism Department went to Kim Gia village to re-investigate.

The ancestral hall in the village looked very dignified and magnificent, exuding an unusual atmosphere. According to the villagers, it is the building with the longest history, the highest standard and the most exquisite building in the village.

Finally, a genealogy solves the mystery. Some of the structures inside this ancestral hall are unusual looking, with a variety of intricate stone carvings, and an open veranda style layout. The structure of this place is unlike the houses in the village.

For example, a pair of hitchhikers and a stake, a horseshoe-shaped stone pillar, and a crossbar with a symmetrical bow and arrow pointing to the sky. Tourism director Qi Tu Lap has traveled from south to north for many years, and has seen all kinds of architectural styles, but if asked what this type of architecture is, he can hardly answer.

According to inferences from his own experience for many years, Director Qi thinks that the ancestors of the people here are an ethnic minority. After that, the team of experts went to the house of the village chief, surnamed Kim.

However, old Kim like the previous villagers, still refused to reveal the secrets of the history of Kim Gia village to the group. Seeing that the investigation was at an impasse, Director Qi spoke privately with the village chief and persuaded him to reveal the information.

After that, old Kim gave the group of experts to borrow the genealogy book. Based on this, everyone was surprised when it was recorded there that Jinjia villagers were descendants of the Xiongnu, this result was beyond everyone’s expectations.

Xiongnu is a general term for the ancient northern nomads, which existed during the Spring and Autumn period. Their power reached its peak during the Han Dynasty. Later, when times changed, the remnants wandered everywhere.

In it, a group of people chose Kim Gia village to stop. In order to protect future generations, those who went before left behind a warning not to reveal their identity. Unexpectedly, that will was kept secret for thousands of years.

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