Sustainable development of marine economy, environmental protection and response to climate change

The conference took place in the form of online combination directly, bringing together more than 400 delegates from more than 70 countries, including leaders, experts, scientists; NGOs, social organizations, financial institutions, global research centers.

International conference on economy Sustainable oceans and climate change adaptation with the theme “Solutions for a Sustainable and Resilient Marine Economy” aims to: discuss key opportunities in promoting, sustainable use marine resources as well as the main challenges of the COVID-19 crisis, climate change and pollution, especially ocean plastic pollution; identify opportunities to promote action to protect marine ecosystems with the goal of marine economic recovery and economic development, and enhance the resilience of vulnerable communities and countries; exchange experiences, best practices and research results to promote knowledge sharing on successful sustainable marine economies, strategies and actions to adapt to climate change. The conference is a forum to mobilize international cooperation to promote the sustainable development of Vietnam’s marine economy.

This is an important international conference, contributing to affirming Vietnam’s position in the international arena, showing itself as an active member, reliable and responsible partner, contributing more to joint efforts. of the international community in ensuring peace, security and sustainable development, especially in the sustainable development of the marine economy, protection of the ocean environment and response to climate change.

The conference will focus on analyzing the close relationship between ocean economy and climate change adaptation. Within the framework of the Conference, there will also be side events, including the Announcement Ceremony of the Blue Sea Economy Report – Towards sustainable development of the marine economy. The report is designed to introduce the concept of blue sea economy, assess the current situation of some main marine economic sectors of Vietnam, thereby identifying the potential and building a scenario for sustainable marine economic development in the future. future.

Related topics such as recovering and rebuilding better after the COVID-19 pandemic for a sustainable and climate resilient marine economy; spatial planning of the sea, urban areas and coastal infrastructure that are resilient to climate; Climate security, gender and resilience of vulnerable communities will also be addressed at the Conference.

The Conference is expected to issue a statement from the Conference Co-Chair, which will set out the main contents and conclusions of the Conference, provide input to the United Nations, the 2022 agenda and other issues. the following years, including the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development for the period 2021 – 2030.

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