Thanks to the transformation of infrastructure in the country, the problem of increasing international network costs is solved

Vietnamese businesses struggle with price storms

After two arduous years due to the devastation of the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnamese businesses are entering the recovery phase and establishing a “new normal”. However, the consequences left by the pandemic have significantly affected the health of businesses. The specter of inflation covers the whole world, and record prices make every industry no chance to maintain its post-pandemic recovery trajectory. The increase in global competition, the pressure of escalating operating costs make businesses face more fierce challenges than ever before. Expenditure is still increasing while revenue is decreasing sharply, which is weighing heavily on the financial resources of small and large enterprises.

According to Forbes, 2022 will continue to witness the growth in spending on solutions and services applying Cloud Computing technology. With inflation rates soaring around the world and industries suffering from technology shortages such as advanced semiconductors, foreign cloud providers have moved to raise prices for services or reduced free coverage for some services. Typically, Google Cloud last March 2022 announced that they would double prices for some core services. Or the information that the free G Suite Legacy is dead is a strong blow that makes many Vietnamese businesses struggle.

Thanks to infrastructure transformation in the country, the problem of increasing international network costs is solved - Photo 1.

This is also the worry of Mr. Hai – CEO of a software company in Vietnam. Having just gone through the most difficult period of the pandemic, his company is facing new difficulties in resource exploitation and operating cost control. Because the company’s database is located on a server located abroad, transferring data to Vietnam has encountered many challenges. The cost of the international network is increasing day by day, while the transmission line is constantly having problems, the mining efficiency is only three-quarters. On average, the undersea fiber optic cable has problems about 10 times a year, each repair can take up to a month. This not only affects the customer experience but also causes great damage to the company. It was at this time that Mr. Hai decided to transfer the entire database to domestic infrastructure and chose Bizfly Cloud to optimize operating costs and fully exploit the resources used.

Choosing a domestic supplier is a wise decision to help businesses optimize operating costs

Through careful research, Mr. Hai said that Vietnam’s ability to master technology is not inferior to that of foreign countries. In particular, Bizfly Cloud is a cloud computing service provider with optimal cost with world-class service quality experience right in Vietnam.

Unlike foreign providers, Bizfly Cloud has a great advantage in terms of geographical location. Data centers are located in big cities in the country, so the access speed is fast due to shortening the distance and data transmission time. At the same time, the transmission line is also maintained stable, unaffected even when the international connection is lost or the fiber optic cable breaks at sea.

Thanks to the transformation of infrastructure in the country, the problem of increasing international network costs is solved - Photo 2.

In terms of initial cost, foreign suppliers have more attractive fees. However, the actual additional costs incurred during use such as bandwidth are relatively large. That is the reason why the monthly bill is often higher than that of domestic suppliers. With Bizfly Cloud, customers only have to pay according to actual usage needs according to the Pay-as-you-go method of charging, in addition, customers also get free bandwidth up to 1Gbps.

Moreover, the process of hiring cloud computing services in the country is often simpler and faster, and supporting problem solving is also more convenient due to the congruence of culture, language, and time zone. This is something that foreign suppliers cannot meet well. In addition, the Cybersecurity Law stipulates that all domestic and foreign businesses operating in Vietnam must store user information in Vietnam. Therefore, many businesses like Mr. Hai’s company have chosen the cloud platform “Make in Vietnam” to keep up with new changes and ensure smooth business operations, without any problems with legal side. With many years of experience in the domestic market and the ability to master technology, Bizfly Cloud will help solve all problems according to the characteristics of each business.

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