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The beauty of the Korean “beautiful sister” has never escaped “evil”

If before, Son Ye Jin always on the list of single “beautiful sisters” of the Korean entertainment industry, this year everything has changed. Son Ye Jin officially left Kbiz’s Top Single U40 beauties after sharing a house with her husband Hyun Bin with a wedding on March 31.

Son Ye Jin followed her husband to “give up the game”, netizens quickly turned their attention to the “beauty race” between Korean U40 beauties who refused to get married forever. Among the Korean U40 beauties who are still single today, such as: Kim Hye Soo, Kim Sa Rang, Jang Nara, Ha Ji Won, Song Ji Hyo, Yoo In Na.

These are all Korean beauties who are single over 40 but still possess beautiful and youthful beauty regardless of age.

The beauty of the

Jang Nara

Speaking of beauties who possess ageless beauty and are single, Jang Nara is indispensable. It can be said that Jang Nara is the youngest beauty in Kbiz. Many people even commented that, looking at Jang Nara’s face, they thought she was in her twenties.

Born in 1982, Jang Nara officially turned 41 not too long ago. On her personal page, Jang Nara often posts daily photos showing off her makeup-free face. Looking at Jang Nara’s bare face, no one thought that the beauty was at the age of U40. In addition to praising her youthful beauty, the public also constantly “repented” Jang Nara to soon find her other half and quickly get married.

The beauty of the
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Jang Nara’s bare face made the public admire because she was so young.

The beauty of the
The beauty of the
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Many people commented, Jang Nara looks like she’s only in her twenties.

Kim Hye Soo

Another “beautiful sister” to mention is Kim Hye Soo. This year, “Korean big sister” has turned 51 years old, but it doesn’t seem to affect her beauty.

Whether it’s makeup or bare face, Kim Hye Soo’s beautiful and attractive face always makes the public stir. At the age of 51, but Kim Hye Soo still retains the title of “big sister” thanks to this beauty and immense charisma.

The beauty of the
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Kim Hye Soo is attractive and beautiful behind the scenes of magazine photography.

The beauty of the

When she left a bare face, Kim Hye Soo’s beauty did not change.

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Ha Ji Won

At the age of 43, Ha Ji Won still makes her “juniors” abstain thanks to her beautiful beauty despite the time.

Although now she no longer accepts many film projects, every time she appears, Ha Ji Won still receives a lot of compliments from the public because she still retains her beautiful and attractive beauty like when she was new to the profession. So famous and beautiful, but until now, Ha Ji Won has never thought of getting married.

The beauty of the
The beauty of the

Ha Ji Won’s beauty always makes the “juniors” somewhat abstain.

The beauty of the

At the age of 43, Ha Ji Won’s face seems to be completely unaffected.

The beauty of the

Song Ji Hyo

At the age of 40, Song Ji Hyo – the most sought-after member of Running Man, always makes netizens flutter thanks to her youthful and extremely attractive beauty.

When watching Running Man, everyone must admit that Song Ji Hyo has a beautiful face even without makeup. Constantly being “pushed” with Kim Jong Kook, but Song Ji Hyo always insists that between them is just a close co-worker relationship.

The beauty of the
The beauty of the
The beauty of the

Song Ji Hyo’s beauty at the age of U40 has always been a topic of public interest.

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In particular, Song Ji Hyo’s bare face is also highly appreciated by the public.

Kim Sa Rang

Dubbed “Miss owning the most beautiful face” in Korea, over the years, Kim Sa Rang has always made the public admire every time she appeared. Up to now, even at the age of 44, it seems that it cannot affect the beauty of Kim Sa Rang.

Every time she appears, Kim Sa Rang’s beauty becomes a hot topic of discussion. The public is always curious to know what secret Kim Sa Rang has to keep her youthful beauty, attractive face and attractive body for many years. Some people even think that because Kim Sa Rang did not get married and had children, he kept his youthful appearance.

As for marriage, Kim Sa Rang once shared that she never forced herself to get married just to please others, or “equal to friends”. Perhaps it is this free and comfortable life that has partly helped Kim Sa Rang’s beauty stay young.

The beauty of the
The beauty of the
The beauty of the
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Kim Sa Rang’s beauty at the age of 44 makes the public jealous and admired.

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