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The “carrier” of ice cubes on the street makes people’s eyes widen

This clip of transporting bulky goods is attracting the attention of netizens

According to the clip, there is a motorbike parked in the middle of the road, behind are plastic bags containing ice cubes stacked into a vertical column. After packing up to 9 bags of ice, the driver got into the car, removed the footrest and started the journey to deliver ice to the stores.

The uncle packed dozens of sacks on his motorbike, he was surprised when he came closer to see what was inside - Photo 2.

Image cut from clip

“Unfortunately, if it’s kicked, it breaks your neck, or if it’s spilled on the street, it’s dangerous for people around. This type of transportation is not recommended.”

The clip quickly attracted tens of thousands of comments, feelings and shares from netizens. Many people admire the skills of the “carrier” but also do not forget to express concern about safety when participating in traffic:

“First stone, second station, third are to carry fish. If you meet some people carrying those three things on the road, don’t ask questions. It’s best to stay away for good.”

“It’s also because of the food, but it’s too dangerous, driver. Why don’t you have to line up 2 lines to be more leisurely and safer?”.

“The cause of the accident is to blame the circumstances. This penalizes the carrier and fines the production facility very seriously, seeing these cars on the road is happy to give way!”.

“Looking down on the lives of other people driving on the road, doing business only knows they are and others don’t care. The police should punish them severely and confiscate the car for being negligent with no obligation.”

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