The female star was abandoned by the giants because of alcohol addiction

May 10, Josei Seven The public reported that actress Fukada Kyoko was dumped by her boyfriend because of her alcoholism.

According to Josei SevenIn April, people caught Fukada Kyoko arguing with her boyfriend, real estate mogul Hiroyuki Sugimoto, in front of a celebrity bar.

Some of Sugimoto’s acquaintances said that he decided to break up with Fukada after a big argument that day. Fukada’s drinking habit was the main cause of the conflict. Currently, neither Fukada nor Sugimoto have responded to the breakup.

The female star was abandoned by the giants because of alcoholism - 1

Fukada’s acquaintance shared: “Fukada, an alcoholic since she was young, has been drinking too much lately. It’s normal for her to drink champagne when she wakes up. When she goes to work, Fukada goes to bars alone since noon. . She usually drinks alcohol from the night before until the afternoon of the next day.”

Fukada was once questioned by her lover about her habit of abusing alcohol. She repeatedly apologized to Sugimoto and promised to quit drinking, but the actress could not keep her promise. This caused Sugimoto’s feelings for Fukada to gradually cool down.

This is the first time the couple has broken up in the three and a half years of dating. The two were thinking about getting married.

In January 2019, Japanese media reported that Fukada Kyoko was dating businessman Hiroyuki Sugimoto. Hiroyuki Sugimoto is 5 years older than Fukada. He is the chairman of the real estate company Syla Holdings.

Fukada Kyoko was born in 1982. She was dubbed the “ageless beauty” of the country of cherry blossoms. The actress regularly appears in the ranking of the sexiest stars in Japan.

She started acting in 1997. Some of her typical works include Kamikaze Girls, Ring 2, Dolls, Yatterman… In May 2021, Fukada announced to temporarily stop acting because of behavior adjustment disorder.

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