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The girl who gave her boyfriend a terrible gift, knowing the price, was shocked

Normally, the story of the couple in love giving “terrible” gifts to the enemy is not uncommon. But quietly preparing for half a year and then giving it makes people feel surprised forever.

The story that happened in the city of Kunming (China) was shared to make everyone admire. A girl has a boyfriend who likes to play basketball. Therefore, she decided to “play big” to give him a gift.

She bought an abandoned factory near the school, hired people to renovate for 6 months into a basketball court to give to her boyfriend.

It is known that the whole project cost 1 million yuan (about 3.5 billion dong).

The girl is a lady in a rich family, so love gifts are also very special and difficult for anyone to keep up with.

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The girl showed off her results as a gift to her boyfriend after 6 months of re-education.

She shared: “My boyfriend is still in college. He likes to play basketball. I secretly built a basketball gym in an abandoned factory near the school. The cost is about 1 million yuan.”

This girl spent 6 months, in her spare time, directly supervising the repair and renovation process. Until the results come out that everyone has to admire. The reason for building the yard was just because his boyfriend was still in school and was passionate about playing football. It is the special style of people with money. In love with both heart and mind, everyone must be jealous.

Many people think that the basketball court was built near the school, in addition to serving the boyfriend, later, when he graduated from school, he could still run a business. A meaningful gift that is not wasted.

That said, sometimes the “outstanding” in love is special and beyond all imagination.

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