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The journey to ‘throw’ the ship into space at 1,600 km/h

AmericaSpinLaunch shares a video shot from the 8th suborbital flight test, revealing the scene when it is thrown into the air by centrifugal acceleration.

The journey to 'throw' the ship into space at 1,600 km/h

The camera mounted on the launch vehicle records the process of flying far away from the ground. Video: SpinLaunch

SpinLaunch is planning to launch the vehicles into orbit using a mechanical arm. With this system, the object to be launched will accelerate in a vacuum chamber by electric motors before firing through a pipe and splashing into space at speeds above Mach 6 (7,408 km/h). This can help the vehicle fly as high as a conventional rocket, while significantly reducing costs and impact on the environment. A small rocket could then propel the vehicle to its final destination in orbit.

With a completed test facility in New Mexico, several successful test launches, and NASA evaluating the technology, SpinLaunch shares video footage from the company’s first batch. It is a 3 m long test vehicle that was thrown into the air on April 22 at a launch speed of over 1,607 km/h (Mach 1.3). Although the company did not give specific altitude data for this launch, the previous test vehicle reached an altitude of 9,150 m.

The footage reveals the inside of the launch chamber before the vehicle shoots out of the launch tube and the ground fades away at breakneck speed. This system will not be used for passenger flights because the acceleration force acting on the vehicle is more than 1,000 times greater than the limit that humans can withstand. SpinLaunch is only suitable for carrying cargo that can withstand such impact force.

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