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The masters driving motorbike taxis won the SEA Games gold medal for the second time

The excellent Vietnamese beach handball team beat the Philippines in the match yesterday afternoon to win the gold medal sea ​​Games 2nd time in a row.

In the important match against the Philippines, the Vietnamese team needs to win to soon be crowned champion before a round.

Gold medal of the shippers of the Vietnam beach handball team

High determination and brave and confident play helped the Vietnam beach handball team successfully defend the gold medal. sea ​​Games when winning the penalty shootout with a score of 10-8 (two main innings drawn 1-1).

An attack of La Van Lon

Ngoc Duong

Boundless joy comes to athletes who are little known by the sport sport This is not yet popular. They are happy not only because they have reached the top of glory, but also because winning a gold medal means they will have a decent amount of money to cover their lives.

The most surprising thing of the team Vietnamese handball If the whole team has 10 players, up to 8 people are masters. Busy with handball, but they still study diligently because they know that it is impossible to live with the sport they love when the salary is meager because it is as difficult as getting a sponsor for this sport.

With low income, at youth, unmarried, they can squeeze, make a living to take care of themselves. Therefore, handball athletes have dedicated themselves to studying to get a master’s degree with the hope that later they will apply to teach at a certain school to earn a living – that’s the confidant of Kim Xuan Tien, a Khmer guy from Tra Vinh. , when talking about the degree he obtained 3 years ago.

Even more surprised when Xuan Tien confided in the handball team that there were 8 people driving motorbike taxis technology to earn more. After each training session, when they have free time, they open a car app to earn more.

Not only playing beach handball, they also earn extra income by playing indoor handball. So that each time the team focuses on training and competing, they will have more money to save to send back to their families.

Goalkeeper Vo Vuong Trong, from Binh Dinh, has a body like a guardian, said: “We want to have more competitions to get more money for food and training, so we can accumulate more savings. to consider starting a family”. I would also like to add, Trong is an excellent goalkeeper who blocks the Philippines’ shots to help Vietnam team overall win.

The sweet joy of victory also comes from the reason that these athletes have been training together in the colors of the Ho Chi Minh City team for more than 10 years. The players were selected and trained by coaches Trinh Huy Cuong and Dao Quoc Dung for a long time, so they played very well.

Unfortunately at SEA Games 32 Cambodia do not organize this sport, otherwise they will most likely complete a gold medal hat-trick to retire contentedly because most are nearing the age of 30.

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