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The scene of the big iron door collapsed, hitting 2 girls

Clip: Horrifying scene of a large iron door collapsing, hitting 2 girls

Clip source: Newsflare

The incident happened on May 5, in Kaifeng City, Henan Province, China.

In the clip, there are 3 children playing in the yard. Immediately after, the boy walked towards the iron gate and pulled it out. Just a few seconds later, one side of the door suddenly collapsed, hitting two girls and a dog.

Terrified, the boy ran to ask for help, while the dog and a little girl trapped under the door crawled out on their own.

Discovering the incident, a man ran to rescue the remaining girl who was trapped below.

The boy’s mother, Mrs. Li, said it was windy that day and the screws were not properly fixed on the door. When the boy tried to open the door, it fell down. Ms. Li was not at home at the time of the incident.

Fortunately, the children were not injured. The entire incident was recorded by surveillance cameras.

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