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The strong-willed ”Love the sunny day” will come back

Appears at the end of the film but his character is immediately noticed. What made you accept the role of the villain in “Love the sunny day“?

For me, the character appearing at every stage of the movie is meaningful. My character Manh appeared quite late, but was an important catalyst to push the film circuit to the highest climax. Manh’s arrival has impacted the lives of many other people. That is Thuong, husband and wife Khanh – Duc (Lan Phuong – Hong Dang), Mrs. Hien and her husband.

Actor Xuan Hao: Manh,

Xuan Hao and Lan Phuong in Love the sunny day.

Remember when closing Quynh doll, I play the “missing” husband of Lan (Thanh Huong). At that time, the appearance of this character also pushed the fate of Lan and the film circuit in a new direction. I’m proud that my character also plays a part in the movies.

Actor Xuan Hao: Manh,

The actor played the “missing” husband of Lan (Thanh Huong) in Quynh Doll – a role that has many similarities with the character Manh.

In addition, when I read the script, I immediately accepted to participate in the film because the filming time was not long, I could respond.

The behind-the-scenes images reveal that the character Manh will return with more dirty actions. Can you reveal more information?

Meng will definitely be back. And Manh’s return brings more horrors. Things don’t simply stop at the scene where Manh is embarrassed and runs away (laughs).

Hopefully, movie-loving audiences will continue to watch the next “intense” developments.

Not many appearances, but it seems that any of his roles take a lot of effort, stop being violent, jealous, and then get bullied again?

It is true that all of my scenes are extremely difficult and laborious. Just look at it, but the scene of the jealous fight on the street took us an afternoon, the scene with Khanh (Lan Phuong) took the whole morning.

All the scenes I discussed in advance with the other actors, told you guys to just do it, fight it. As the audience can see, the jealousy scene is also very real. When Lien (Thanh Hoa) and Khanh lunged at me, my co-stars broke my chain. Then on my hand, there are still scratches from Hoa’s fingernails (laughs).

Actor Xuan Hao: Manh,

Behind-the-scenes reveal the next intense developments of Love the sunny day.

Canh Manh was beaten to the face, we also practiced before to smooth, the brothers agreed to just “take action” like the real thing. After that scene, my body was bruised, painful, and it took two weeks to get better.

But you have to do your best to give the audience the most attractive and real scenes.

Having just played the role of an adulterous husband, he recently shared an image of taking on the role of a police colonel in a new movie. It seems that this role is “closer” to him, when actor Xuan Hao also works in the armed forces?

I was lucky enough to be invited by the crew to take on a role in a new movie that has just started filming, which is the movie Wits directed by Nguyen Danh Dung. This is a very good movie about the economic police force, set in Lao Cai.

In the film, I play the role of Colonel Dang Thao – Deputy Chief Inspector of the Provincial Police. This role is really direct, exemplary, the complete opposite of the roles I played before.

Actor Xuan Hao: Manh, 'Love the sunny day' will return, causing a scandal - Photo 4.

The role of Colonel Thao shows a completely new image of the actor on television.

Many times taking on villainous roles, are you afraid that the audience will assume that you only play bad roles?

It’s true that brothers and friends have always asked me why I always play villains. Therefore, when reading the script of the movie WitsSeeing that the role of Dang Thao is an extremely upright character, I stopped all music production, stopped all the programs I was doing to film. Once he even drove himself to Lao Cai at night.

Actor Xuan Hao: Manh,

Artist Xuan Hao revealed that he devoted a lot of effort to his role in Dou Tri.

The film has just started filming, I am also trying my best to complete the role. I believe the audience will see another image of Trinh Xuan Hao in the movie Wits.

And I also think that there is no good shoulder, bad shoulder, short or long shoulder. An actor, even if he only appears for 1 second on television, must be devoted to his passion.

Thank you!

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Love the sunny day

  • Family
  • 45 mins
  • 11/15/2021
  • 21:40 – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – VTV3

“Love the sunny day” is a story with a long time amplitude, connecting from the past to the present. The film revolves around Mrs. Nga’s family and her three daughters, Van Khanh, Van Trang and Van Van – women and mothers of different generations. The girl of the past becomes the mother of today, the mother of the past becomes the grandmother now… There are times when women of different generations are in conflict, opposite, and arguing. But in the end, they always met at one point: the love, the need to protect, the desire to give the family what is complete and best.

Director: Bui Tien Huy, Vu Truong Khoa

Actor: People’s Artists Thanh Quy, Lan Phuong, Hong Dang, Huyen Lizzie, Ngoc Huyen, Dinh Tu

Watch Thuong on a sunny day, part 2 continues to air on VTV3 every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evening.

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